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Recent posts by Mark heningen

Raja Pal wrote:Mark, A business object can be expressed as a <complexType> which is in turn a <sequence> of some <simpleType(s)> and they can be inturn defined by primitve(pre-defined) types. For a collection of objects please use "minoccurs" and "maxoccurs" for bounding. If not just treat them as arrays. This should be possible to represent pretty much any object except ofcourse non-serializable ones.

This is exactly what i have done in wsdl file( "minoccurs" and "maxoccurs" for bounding.). The problem is from Client side. Passing string won't be problem. I already pass Array of String in "normal" cases. and it works fine. Can you elaborate a bit about passing Array of Objects from client?
10 years ago

William Brogden wrote:Are we talking about a SOAP web service somebody else built or what?

Is this a complex structure that can be represented in XML?


WSDL representation seems quite ok. There are other methods in wsdl those expect String type values as input and they work fine with the client i mentioned earlier.
By complex i mean a collection of objects(BusinessObjects).
I am a bit unsure about object representation in xml
10 years ago
Hello everybody,
I want to call a web service method with a complex datatype as input.
There is an approach for String type input:
Is there anything which i can use as a starting point for complex datatype?
10 years ago
I was attempting one mock exam from
1. Regarding the processing of a BodyTag handler, in which of the following cases a BodyContent object will be "pushed" into the pageContext?
Select 1 correct option.
A.If the doStartTag() returns EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE
B.If the doStartTag() returns EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED
C.If the doStartTag() returns SKIP_BODY
D.If the doStartTag() DOES NOT return SKIP_BODY
E.A BodyContent object it is always created and pushed no matter what doStartTag() returns
correct answer is C
i think that it should be B.
any views?
I found this info. about exam in India. I think this should be valid for other countries.
Have a look here:

@Admin: i am not sure about external link policy. You can delete this, if this is against your policy.

Are questions in final exam of HF edition 2 different from edition 1?
BTW! I have both editions:-) I want to try 2nd edition after 1st ed. exam.
There is no point in trying 1st ed. before, if there is no big difference.
Hi everybody,
I looking for a clarification about body-content in a tag
In HF book 2nd ed. page number 482, it is mentioned that there are foolowing values for this tag: empty, scriptless, tagdependent, and JSP.
I saw one question in one mock exam( i don’t remember the referance, sorry) and in that question it was mentioned JSP was valid until 1.2. so i looked in jsp2.0 specification and found

Can anyone explain about JSP value in body-content tag?
can anybody explain this phenomenon? specially with container stuff. what should we do in exam, if output is going to be container dependent?
tomcat 6. i will try with another version later.
it is strange if this is container dependent.
i did an extra print in code

and now output becomes
El1 = A22
El2 = 0000
El3 =
here is code, which i am using. again it is copy paste.
are you sure about the output?

i got the following output with your code:
Are there any drag n drop questions in SCWCD exam like they have in SCJP exam?

thanks in advance.

This is an example of null equals null and that is always true.

Thanks Frits.
i got it now.