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Arvind Gangwar

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since Mar 25, 2010
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Recent posts by Arvind Gangwar

We are looking for java developer.
Job Profile : Java,Spring, JUnit, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML with minimum 2 years of experience
Company : Fiport Software India Private Limited.

Hi Naveen,

Is this position still open, if yes then send me details on my mail id "arvindgangwar25jan" "at-the-rate" "gmail" "dot" "com"

Arvind Gangwar
8 years ago

Hi Nam Ha Minh,

I have 2+ years in Java programming and its related technologies.

Please let me know if you are still looking for java geeks.

Arvind Gangwar
8 years ago

I am working on project where I am creating a search module, in which data stored in multiple languages in tables(in oracle database reference.)
My module is work fine for English searching, but other language data are showed with rectangle or ?and any other latter.

I created my table with nvarchar2 and nchar data-types and I entered these respective field values with N<column values>.

So Please if any solution then give me suggestion how i implement my module which support multilingual(these may be any Indian language like Tamil, Telugu etc). data search capability.
welcome to Craig Walls,
I will waiting 3rd edition of third i am in learning phase of spring.....curious to read updated version of book...........
11 years ago

Rob Spoor wrote:

Arvind Gangwar wrote:as i need it urgently

There is no such thing as "urgent" here at the Ranch.

I am too sorry for writing urgent, and I will keep it remember it for future post, again i think may be i can not put my problem as appropriate way or as it in wrong please guide me any solution...........
11 years ago
Hi dear ranchers!

Please if any idea about my task then help me, please suggest me what i need to use when user click on view document then a new window open which have all navigation tool and windows divides in two panel in left panel it shows all thumbnails of total pages and in right panel it shows current pages which selected in left panel...
as this is web application so i cant use swing panel so please give me some view...

Thanks in advance for any suggestion..
11 years ago

I have a task to rendering a pdf to image using PDF Renderer or iText API, I did it with using PDFRenderer API, But not able to find appropriate solution to zoom in, zoom out, go to next page of rendering pdf image.

Again my issue is when user do search, the matched document will be shown in the Middle portion of the page i.e in document list as

Select file Name file Type
12.pdf pdf
134.pdf pdf
like that and After selecting a document from the grid, the details of PDF from database and thumbnail of the image has to be shown
and separate page should be opened to show entire PDF. This page should not allow right click or saving the page. This page will also contain some zoom in zoom out and navigation control to view the PDF, like go previous page, go to next .

So please give me suggestion.
11 years ago
which API/methods is used to zoom in and zoom out of pdf using PDFRenderer
Please suggest me which class is best suitable to zoom in pdf file using java api
11 years ago

i have a task to renders password protected pdf file into thumbnails image, I did it with out password protected but unsuccessful when a pdf is password protected.
My old code is

<%@page import="com.sun.pdfview.PDFFile, com.sun.pdfview.PDFPage" %>
<%@page import="java.awt.Image, java.awt.Rectangle" %>
<%@page import="java.awt.Graphics2D, java.awt.image.BufferedImage"%>
<%@page import="java.nio.ByteBuffer, java.nio.channels.FileChannel" %>
<%@page import="*, javax.imageio.ImageIO" %>
<head><title>Image Rendering</title></head>

File file = new File("D:\\Tomcat 5.5\\webapps\\ROOT\\PDF_Test\\R-intro.pdf");
RandomAccessFile raf = new RandomAccessFile(file, "r");
FileChannel channel = raf.getChannel();
ByteBuffer buf =, 0, channel.size());
PDFFile pdffile = new PDFFile(buf);

// draw the first page to an image
PDFPage dpage = pdffile.getPage(0);

//get the width and height for the doc at the default zoom
Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(0,0, (int)dpage.getBBox().getWidth(), (int)dpage.getBBox().getHeight());
BufferedImage bufferedImage = new BufferedImage(rect.width, rect.height, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);

//generate the image
Image img = dpage.getImage(
rect.width, rect.height, //width & height
rect, // clip rect
null, // null for the ImageObserver
true, // fill background with white
true // block until drawing is done



Graphics2D bufImageGraphics = bufferedImage.createGraphics();
bufImageGraphics.drawImage(img, 0, 0, null);
ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, "jpg", new File("D:\\Tomcat 5.5\\webapps\\ROOT\\PDF_Test\\Image.jpg" ));

OutputStream strm = response.getOutputStream();


strm.close(); */
<%="Pdf is renders into jpg image which save to location at D:\\Tomcat5.5\\webapps\\ROOT\\PDF_Test\\R-intro.jpg" %>


Any suggestion is welcome.
hey dear why are you not going to certified OCA (oracle data base development) certification, these little bit easy in comparison to scjp. You already scjp certified. you can easily clear OCP certification if you wish
11 years ago
Congratulation ....its a great score...

Can somebody tell me what will be next? In testing center they gave me only Test report with my result. Will they notice Oracle about exam result? How long it takes Oracle to send me certificate?

As I am from India, I have got my certificate exact at 30th day from my exam date. as my experience within two or three day you will get a mail from regarding to your Sun Microsystems Certification Account Activation, they send you a account authorization code by which you can make an a/c on, from where you can see your certification progress and can download the OCPJP logo.
11 years ago
Congratulation Abhay...hey if possible then can you send me ebook which you read for your preparation....Please send me a PM...
11 years ago
Congratulation.....I think you are the first guy in this form....I think you also create own set of question on new JSP-Servlet exam which give you depth knowledge...
11 years ago