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Recent posts by Neeraj Singhal

Congratulations Sadanand !!
10 years ago
Even I did exactly the same as you have mentioned.
But in the assignment remarks, examiner have mentioned "No managed beans used in class diagram".
I mentioned in the notes that I am using JSF.

Any advise?

How to show JSF managed bean in the class diagram.

Is the following sequence correct ?

JSP --> Controller --> ManagedBean --> SLSB --> EntityBean

Please suggest.
Congrats Ryan!

Thanks so much for such a nice description of your preparation. Very helpful indeed.
11 years ago
Hi Sandeep

In the case of Classic tag having Simple tag parent, we cannot simply call getParent() on classic tag since it can only return Tag type and Simple tag is of type JspTag.

To overcome this situation, Simple tag can be wrapped in TagAdapter class, which provides a way for collaboration between classic Tag handlers and SimpleTag handlers.

See this : TagAdapter Class

Neeraj Singhal

Every web application MUST contain web.xml under <web-app-root>/WEB_INF folder.

Hi Friends,

Today I cleared SCWCD 5 exam with 86%.

Thanks to javaranch and all of you for the support and help.

How I prepared:
1) read HFSJ thoroughly couple of times.
2) referred to API docs regularly to remember the methods, their signatures etc.
3) occasionally referred to the Specs for doubt clarifications.
4) free mock exams listed on SCWCD FAQ page, though they were very very easy.
5) took Enthuware test simulator, score was similar to what I got in mock exams.

69 Questions in 180 minutes, pass % was 70%.
Extra 15 minutes before beginning of the exam for a survey.
Exam seemed to be tougher than the Enthuware mocks.

Thanks once again
Neeraj Singhal

so even if session A is passivated then object b is notified because it is a listener for activation/passivation of any session

Agreed that a and b are listeners for activation/passivation, but NOT for "any session". ONLY for the session(s) with which they are bound.

So when session A is passivated, all the objects bound to session A are notified.

You must have been assigned a unique Prometric candidate ID when you took your SCJP last time. That ID is used to track your progress. You can see your details on Cert Manager Site.
Yes. If the body-content is tagdependent, the scriptlet would be ouput in the html source as it is and will be ignored from displayng in the browser since its an unknown tag for the browser.
Whizlabs and Enthuware are the two popular ones.
Hi Chandrakant

When the <body-content> is specified as scriptless and if a script is present in the body of the tag, it results in an error.
[ February 27, 2008: Message edited by: Neeraj Singhal ]
Hi Kunal

You can visit SCWCD FAQ page for your general SCWCD queries.
[ February 27, 2008: Message edited by: Neeraj Singhal ]