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Recent posts by sanjay gautam

I need some advice on part-2 preparation.What resources(books,links) should i read before downloading the assignment.
After 20 days of study finally i passed part-1. Thanks to everybody on this forum, which help me to clear my doubts.I never posted any query albeit i always searched this forum before posting and almost found every query which i could have raised.

I corrected 40 out of 48 questions.

Section Analysis Score %

Concepts - 100 %
Common Architectures 66 %
Legacy Connectivity 80 %
EJB 77 %
EJB Container Model 75 %
Protocols 100 %
J2EE Applicability 66 %
Design Pattern 100%
Messaging 100%
Internationalization 100%
Security 50%

I mostly concentrated on EJB,EJB Container Model and Design Pattern.Studied EJB(O'rielly Book),UML Destilled(Flower) and GOF book thoroughly.Appeared some Mock exams on internet.
My observation:
No EJB API questions.
1.Simple questions on UML(Diagrams based on realization,generalization , identifying multiplicity from diagram.)
2.Good number of questions on EJB mostly scenarion based(when to use which EJB,role of application deployer,benefits of pooling)
3.Meaning of Non-Functional Requirements.There were two scenario based questions like which requirement will positively impacted due to increasing web-server,database clustering
4.Applet security based questions were simple.
5.One question on when to use HTTP and HTTPS.
6.One question was based on applet communication with web-server(CORBA based backend server)using IIOP.
7.Very simple questions on I18N,which i faced somewhere in one of mock exams.
8.Two questions were based on screen-scrapper and off-board server.very simple(when to use screen-scrapper and offboard server).
9.Some scenario based questions on choosing right J2EE technology.For me it was tough because question statements were not very clear to me.
10.Some questions were too long and with 7-8 choices.
11.5 Design pattern questions were simple (Adapter, proxy,Iterator, Memento, Abstract Factory)
12. I read EJB specification twice which helped me a lot.

On the whole questions were same as appeared in most mock exams.
I found one link which has 288 questions ,it was really-really helpful.
Finally i owe this success to my better half who supported me a lot and gave ample time to study ,especially in weekends.
If you are visiting frequently on Business Visa and every time staying for 3 months then it will be a problem for you.No doubt INS will ask too many questions because B1 visa is for business dicussions and business discussion doesn't last long.I am sure you are involved in some programming stuff on B1 visa.This is illegal. It will create problem at entry port and if your company processes your H1,then you might not get it.All your records of entering and leaving USA resides with INS.So be cautios and come back.It has happened with one of my friend working with big Indian company.
17 years ago
My suggestion is to go ahead with BMW.Big names always matter in long run.In germany BMW is a big name and later on you can cash it.BMW has a big R&D division in germany.Don't run after changing technologies.Make a career in domain rather than technology.Domain knowledge always matters in long run.
18 years ago
Please confirm if this company is located in sector-14. If yes,it's small comapny(100 people or bit more).Pays good but work pressure is more.
18 years ago
SISL is more in software.It deals with SAP,Peoplesoft,embeded systems, medical services,insurance sector.Siemens Corporate Technology is deeply into research areas.It's R&D division at corporate level.You decide where you wanna land-up.

I am an ex-siemens employee.
18 years ago
Hi Sunita,
From which college you have completed M.Tech. May be i can help you. Mail me on
20 years ago
can any one give me any idea about ILOG and related website for free version .
can any one explain me what is the difference between
marshelling and serialisation
23 years ago
i didnot get your point. what i think is after trim() method a new string object will be created in string pool, which will be same to "String". so it should return true instead of false.
please make more clear.
can any one explain it :
if(" String ".trim() == "String")
System.out.println("Not Equal");
why it will print "Not Equal".
thanks in advance
hello sahnti,
it's really good to hear whenever anyone clears scjp. congrats for the same.even i am going to attend the test in few days . please write your e-mail id so that i can ask for more details or write me on
hello sahnti,
it's really good to hear whenever anyone clears scjp. congrats for the same.even i am going to attend the test in few days . please write your e-mail id so that i can ask for more details or write me on
congrats vidya.
please let me know , if you have faced new version or old one.