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Recent posts by Tim Francisco

I am trying to do load/performance test of JSF2.0/richfaces application with JMeter but having some issues with it. I am following this instruction from here JMeter.

But I am still having an issue as follows:

Can some one please help help me figure out why I am getting ViewExpiredException?
13 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:What's the format of your svn-auth-file? It needs to have been created by the htpasswd utility - it's an Apache authorization file.

The svn docs go into a lot of detail on authorization, but that's for the standalone Subversion server and not Apache. Which can be confusing. Use Apache's security documentation, not Subversion's.

Here's how I created it:

Since its encrypted, it looks like trai:$apr1$quKOnClC$X.SuJqs7.mEyyXiHqQoBv.

Tim Holloway wrote:That looks pretty incomplete. And probably you need "C:\", not "C:/" in Apache.

Here's a setup I use. It's a bit extreme, since I use LDAP as my authenticator, but the same basic setup also works with things like .htaccess control:

Now I have this:

As expected, an authenication box pops up. Once I enter userid and password, I still get the same error:
While my subversion installation was working, I uninstalled subversion with apache embeded in it and reinstalled it clean. Everything works fine except accessing it over http which gives me the following error which left me without clue:

I have the followings turned on in httpd.conf:

Here is my Location in httpd.conf

I can access my repository over svn protocol without any problem as shown below:

Any idea as to what I am missing here as far as configuration is concerned or something else?

Thank you.

Tim Holloway wrote:

Peter Johnson wrote:Sounds like you are still running the Subversion server - make sure it is not running.

concurrence. There's little need to run the Subversion server if you're using Apache to interface with svn.

Also, if you ever decide you need to run the subversion server, it has its own security system, as outlined in the subversion redbean book.

That was it. Both of them were running!
Thank you Gentlemen!
I have configured apache and subversion. I am able to access subversion over http as intended like this:

And this is the only way that I would like other users to access the repository. ie, I would like to limit user to access repository through http so that I can setup authentication for security.
But I am still able to access the repository with svn as follows:
and because of this my apache security is bypassed. How can I configure so that accessing with svn is prohibited?

Thank you.
Not sure what I am missing here but its driving me crazy. Its a simple PreparedStatement test program I am trying to test that I keeps failing. Here're the codes:

The exception is

I would appreciate if someone could help me figure out what's not right here.

Tim Holloway wrote:SVN consists of several components, frequently all bundled as a unit.

There's the admin SVN utilities, which set up the archive filesystem structure and maintain the archives.

There's the svn server, which can run either via the Unix superserver (inet) or as a stand-alone daemon.

There's the svn user client utilities, which all users to check projects in and out and commit changes, etc. These utilities can operate against a local archive on a time-shared system (not very common these days), via the svn server, or via HTTP/DAV.

Not generally part of the package:

There's also mod_dav, which is a plugin for the Apache webserver. It allows users to use DAV to talk to Subversion. Other servers such as IIS may have their own plug-ins for the same purpose.

When they do that, the subversion security files are not referenced. Mod_dav uses Apache's security system, so access is controlled as part of the general web access control mechanisms such as the ".htaccess" files and the settings in Apache's httpd.conf files. Which may reference security plugins. Mine uses the LDAP plugin, for example.

Tim Thanks for your constant reply.

I just changed AuthType to Basic from Digest and it works. I changed back to Digest from Basic, and does not work.

There's something that needs to be configured for the Digest to work based on what I am seeing.

Tim Holloway wrote:Yup. Their documentation isn't precise enough. The svn authentication files are for use with the SVN server. When you're using Apache/DAV as the interface, you set up Apache security, instead.

Ok. I am confused. I thought I did installed SVN server.

Is there a resolution to this though?
I am trying to configure authentication with Apache for Subversion repository. I have successfully (hopefully as it didn't error out) setup authentication for a user "harry" with corresponding password "test" as shown below:

The file "svn-auth-file" is created in C:\svn_repository\conf too. Since I didn't get any error/s and the file is created, this must be good.

And added the following entries in the httpd.conf file.

I restarted Apache and tried to access the repository with http://localhost/svn, I do get asked for user name and password. Using "harry" and "test" does not work as it just keeps asking me for user name and password. Any idea what I am missing here that Its not working?


David Newton wrote:Manage it how?

Sorry about my question being not clear enough.

My question was HOW to have Maven increment the project build number?

Thank you.
14 years ago
I am looking at Maven as a build/dependency tool reading information in post/blogs. One of things that I still don't know is how to manage the project build number. I would appreciate if someone could explain me or show me some references/examples for best practices to managing it.

Thank you.
14 years ago