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Recent posts by Michael Clare

Roel De Nijs wrote:Hi Michael,

Congratulations champion! Great achievement Now it's time to relax a bit and have a (well-deserved) (or 2 or 3). And if you want to spoil yourself have a Belgian beer, our beers are the best of the world

Don't forget to add your name to the ScjdWallOfFame!

Kind regards,

Thank you.... I went to the wall of fame but I did not see a way to add a row.
8 years ago
I just found out I passed the exam (B&S) with a score of 346. I used MVC, RMI, a lot of swing components...

Michael Clare
Senior Applications Engineer
Tata Consultancy Services

8 years ago
From what I can tell, the least expensive way to fulfill the course requirement is the Java SE 7 New Features self-study at $710 US.

Can anyone please suggest if there is a less expensive alternative way to fulfill the course requirement?

Thank you,

The problem appears to be solved. As you can see in the screenshot 310-252A now appears in my list of choices.

Roel De Nijs wrote:Maybe you should try to use the correct email address... that's suncert_ww@oracle.com

Thank you, I will give that email a try.
I have the same problem, I tried to register and download the assignment last night.
So far I have contacted: ip.helpdesk@prometric.com, who2contact@central.sun.com, suncert@prometric.com, and no replies yet.
Thank you for the comments, I am not sure yet if I will attempt SCJD but this will help.

Jesus Angeles wrote:You mentioned 'courses'. What are the courses and certifications you are looking at, to get SCJD certification.

I am looking to NOT take courses for the SCJD requirement. I do not want to pay $2,250 to earn SCJD certification, which is the case
if I submit after August 1 this year.


I am currently working a full-time job, and I am trying to complete the SCJD/OCMJD requirements before
the fee increase on August 1. I have not yet started the exam.

I went to the Oracle website and it said:

"However, a fast programmer might create a solution in about twenty hours. A more typical expectation of a time requirement might be in the order of a working week. If you spend a lot more than two weeks on the project, you might well be creating something that is more detailed than is really required, and you might want to review the scoring criteria and problem statement provided in the assignment."

However the JavaRanch SCJD FAQ says:

"look at a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks of work at 40 hours per week"

This is a pretty big discrepancy and I am wondering which to believe and whether I will have time
to finish before laying out thousands of dollars for a course I don't want to take.

I am wondering if it is realistic to think that I will pass before August 1? Any comments are appreciated.
I have passed SCJP 6 already.
I just passed the SCJP test today with 75%. I have never ever programmed in Java before this so I was starting from scratch.
I used:

1) Head First Java
2) K&B book
3) Mughal & Rasmussen book


1) ExamLab
2) MasterExam
3) Enthuware licensed edition

After I was done with everything I knew I was going to pass safely. I did not revise my answers once I was done because I
mainly just wanted to be over with (I have been working on this many months).
13 years ago
Thank you everyone for advice and encouragement. I just passed SCJP today safely with 75% score. I might have
done better but I only took 1 1/2 hours to finish, I just wanted it to be done at that point.
I just most recently took the ExamLab Final exam and scored 52%. I took this as a sign
that I am ready for SCJP, and I am taking the test this coming Monday. Hopefully
all will go well.
Here is my history of mock exams taken with scores:

Exam Lab Diagnostic Exam 6/3/2010: 30%
Exam Lab Practice Exam -1 6/7/2010: 34%
Exam Lab Practice Exam - 2 6/8/2010: 38%

Master Exam #3: 29%
Master Exam #1 6/17/2010: 50%

Enthuware JQ+ Test 1 6/1/2010: 38% Fail
Enthuware JQ+ Test 2 6/2/2010: 55% Fail
Enthuware JQ+ Test 3 6/5/2010: 65% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 4 6/5/2010: 63% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 5 6/8/2010: 67% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 6 6/11/2010: 63% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 7 6/12/2010: 53% Fail
Enthuware JQ+ Test 8 6/14/2010: 70% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 9 6/15/2010: 58% Pass
Enthuware JQ+ Test 10 6/16/2010: 68% Pass

I am told that I can expect 10% higher on my real exam than my Enthuware scores, so this would
put me in the 60-80% range for the real test. Also my ExamLab scores, and my first MasterExam
scores are very low but I took these at the beginning of my Mock Tests, and I think I would do
much better now. Am I ready now to pass SCJP? I am running out of mock exams.
Try taking Exam Lab mock test:

If you can score 50% or better then you are ready.
I think enthuware subscriptions are only good for 6 months.