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Recent posts by Hon wai Ng

Hi all,

I am using Eclipse 3.1.2 with wtp version R1.0.3.

I am trying to host a web service through eclipse with weblogic 8.1.
I am using weblogic 8.1 is because i need to use JDK version 1.4.2.

Within Eclipse:
Window>Preferences>Web Services>Server and Runtime

Within Server and Runtime there is Server drop down and Web service runtime drop down for me to choose from.
For Server drop down i chose Generic BEA WebLogic Server v8.1 and for Web service runtime drop down, there is only a option Apache Axis for me to choose.

Is there any ways or guide to install weblogic 8.1 Web Service runtime into Eclipse, so that i can choose Weblogic instead of Apache Axis in the Web Service runtime?

Thanks alot and appreciate any help. Been looking through google whole day and can only hope to get some light from here.


Things i have tried.
Ignoring the Apache Axis option in Web service runtime drop down. I am able to host my web service with weblogic through eclipse.
In order to test if my web service is working, i have create a client with visual studio and i am able to detect the web service i have host and successfully link with the client.
When i try to invoke the method, it gave me a error of AXIS engine could not find target service to invoke.
Through this, it lead me to think the problem lies on the Web Service runtime drop down option.
11 years ago