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Hi Hanumant,

Welcome to the ranch (again) and enjoy your promotion week!
1 month ago
Congratulations guys, well deserved  
1 month ago

Could they be sufficient?

I am not sure but maybe Mikalai can answer that. Just post the question here and see what he thinks.
If you haven't done any previous JEE exam it will be an enormous task. You will have to go through a number of books (or relevant specs). You might even start with preparing one of the previous EE exams and see how much work it is.

Have you read this thread? Note that Mikalai Zaikin had almost all previous EE-certifications and found this one very difficult....
Congratulations Jeanne, well deserved      
3 months ago
Congratulations, well deserved    
4 months ago
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    4 months ago
    Congratulations and welcome Piet      
    4 months ago
    All mentioned certifications are now officially retired.

    Congratulations, well deserved.... have a couple of Cows!
    8 months ago

    You didn't give up and that deserves a Cow!
    8 months ago
    So, what happens if you go to the following URL in a browser when Tomcat is running?

    8 months ago

    C:\Program Files\Java\apache-tomcat-9.0.14\webapps\MyServletA  

    I thought you had named your war file HelloWorld.war, so it seems it isn't.... You called it MyServletA.war? This is important because it will determine your contex-root (e.g. starting URL of your web-application)

    The URL servlet-mapping in the web.xml will tell the mapping
    points to your MyServletA servlet.

    In other words, if your war file is called MyServletA.war, then you need the following action: (notice the capital A, I didn't see that in your code)

    <form method="GET" action="/MyServletA/hello">type some text: <input <br /> type="text" name="any" />

    8 months ago