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Recent posts by Moli molina

Hi at all,

I'm a bit confused about how to submit a form using a treemap:

here is my actionFrom code:

and my jsp code..

How I do to auto fill the form when submit event? I don't now how to set the name of html:text..for autofill the form...

Many many thanks for your time....
13 years ago
Thanks for your example and tests.

I think my troubles are other because my object is in session, but in my action, and jsp, I think this object isn't in session and never test well.
In other test I made your solution works well.

Thanks a lot!
13 years ago
How to test these expression:

If I do
<s:if test="%{sessionUser.role == 'A'}">

test evaluates correctly, but when a try to make a different:

<s:if test="%{sessionUser.role != 'A'}">

sessionUser.role is a char, not a string.

Many thanks for your time!

13 years ago
I need to create a complex identifier.

It's for a document register. The table of document has to be identified this id:
for example:
YYMMDD-abc-secuence number of insert a day.

I don't need Idea how to do these kind of idenfier.
I tried to implement this example, but doen't work.

I use hibernate annotations, with struts2+spring.


Many thanks!

Hi at all,
I don't know if it's the best aproach.
I need to get a variable( number version project's) to include in a jsp. I'm thinking about to put this var as a constant in struts.xml. But, How I do to get the value of this variable directly from jsp...

It's possible do this?

There's another alternative, without coding too much( touching the actions). The project is running, but we need to perform upgrade to put the number version at js name.

Many thanks, for your time.

PD: I'm using struts2
13 years ago
Thanks for your replies.

I using the dialect that match to my database. I don't know is there's a best dialect, I will check it.

Now I'm using another query, and using a @SqlResultSetMapping and returning a two whole objects. (dades, features)....No only some fields. Usign this now is working...Not is the best solution but it' works.

I don't undestand how works the dialect, but it's strange that cannot use a nativeQuery with a user defined type (org.hibernatespatial.GeometryUserType) by the dialect.

Well now is working using this:

Many thanks
Hi at all,

I'm having a issue trying to get working a JPA nativeQuery.
I'm having a org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 2002 when a try to do a nativeQuery and get a geometry field type.
I use oracle and

The geom fields is mapped as:

Anybody knows a solution? or how to force the type of the geometry to get wroking this...

MANY Thanks in advance.
I'm using hibernate +JPA + spring +struts2.

I have domain object width JPA annotations, and service interface, and the implementation of the service inteface.
The methods of the service are marked as @trasactional.
In an object I have a collection with fetching = lazy.

When I need to manipulate the collection on the action, I get a lazy exception. My idea is to mark also, as @transactional the action method(execute) to solve these.

When an method of an action is marked with the annotation transactional, the action fails. I read something about , but I do not understand how to solve.

Anything has the same problem? How I can do to move the boundary to the the open session in view pattern...

Many thanks!!!
14 years ago
Hi at all,

I'm a neewie with JPA.

I need to map a search object to a table.
The search object has only and id, name. The big object has more fileds id, name, adress and more.

I use this as big object

What annotations a I need to use to map the search object to the table users?

Help is appreciated!

Hi at all,

Anybody has idea how to solve this question?

My object to populate has type object, and I think taht JSON parser don't have idea to parse this...Can a do an interceptor to parse this propety first?

Any suggestion?

Many thanks!
14 years ago
thanks for your reply.

14 years ago
Anybody know how to obtenin at JSP level, if has validation errors?

there anything like:

I need to create a javascript function to load some input when validation fails...

Many thanks!

14 years ago
Many Thanks for quick reply!

It works!

14 years ago
Hi at all,

I have a question, about getting the values of a dinamic list of checkboxes.
I have a list of objects, and these objects have a list of checkboxes.
I print the checkbox on a jsp :

The name of the list of checkboxes is dinamic. How I do to get the values at the action ?

It's good practice?
14 years ago