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We have a completely free implementation of JSR 114 on Sourceforge (search Ross Group Rowset). It is a derivative work on Sun's reference implementation. We will be maintaining this version for the foreseeable future. We created this project due to issues with the reference implementation and what we perceived to be misinterpretations by Sun of the specification. Also, the reference implementation does not provide the full feature set defined in the spec.

What we've done so far:
1 - Allow insertRow() even if not all "not null" columns have values.
2 - Added an "addColumn" method so you can dynamically add columns to an existing CachedRowSet. Also, these are added as "read only" so they are NOT persisted back to the data store.
3 - Several performance improvements, particularly in String handling. Seems the guys who wrote Sun's implementation love to use str1 += " more memory allocations".

Coming very soon (later this week):
1 - Support for setReadOnly() on columns, and respecting that in updates and inserts.
2 - Proper implementation of undoUpdate, undoDelete, and undoInsert.

Again, this is completely free, distribute it how you want, we don't want anything from you except feedback.
Um, yeah. If your RowSet was created from Statement tied to a Connection and you close the Connection, all the resources opened by that connection SHOULD be released. If you have a scrollable rowset, it is possible that the JDBC driver (incorrectly) has rows cached that you can use, but if you haven't retrieved all the rows, you won't be able to scroll past the last block retrieved.

If your intent is to disconnect the Rowset from the database connection, then you should use the disconneced rowset (CachedRowSetImpl).
The issue is that the entry for the classpath must be a URL not a path. We added an /ext folder under jboss-home/lib.

<classpath codebase="${jboss.home.url}/lib/ext" archives="*"/>
10 years ago