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Recent posts by Stephan King

I am just playing around with JBoss Remoting - I have managed to successfully call a ProviderInterfaces Methods.
However now I would like to use the provider interface to return different Services to the Client.

For this I have made a new Interface for the Service and the corresponding Implementation on the Server - MedicalProviderInterface + MedicalProviderImpl

The ServiceProvider has a method that generates a new MedicalProviderImpl

In the client I perform following code for the call, only knows about MedicalProviderInterface and not MedicalProviderImpl:

This results in the following error code:

I know it is complaing about not having imported MedicalProviderImpl - but I want to be able to make the calls to MedicalProviderImpl on the server via the Inteface without importing it to the client. Also I would like to be albe to get these services via my Profider so that I have a single access point.

Many thanks in advanced for your help. If you can see any major flaws in my approach I would also appreciate any pointers.


Currently I do not have any xml - I assume you mean an *-server.xml similar to this one:

My current Server class looks like this what would the -server.xml have to look like?

14 years ago
I tried to work my way through the guide, and I have managed to get the above code working but only as standalone. What do I have to do to get it to run in the jboss as server?

I know I have to configure some xml files but I am really not sure where to place them or what exactly I have to write in them to get this to work.

Thanks in advanced.
14 years ago
Hi guys,

I was wondering whether any of you have found any deasent Open Source GUI editors for GWT. I have only come across GWT Builder witch obviously is not OpenSource.

Thanks in advanced.
14 years ago
I am a bit confused as to what the exact purpous of JBoss AS is when you can code a Java RMI Server just as easily.
I am sure there are pleanty of good reasons, just I couldn't identfy them myself yet.
14 years ago
Thank you for your help - comes down to RTFM. Thanks for pointing me the right direction.
14 years ago
Sorry to barge in on this thread - haven't really used RMI - does RMI have a default port or how is that allocated in this particular code?
14 years ago

Jaikiran Pai wrote:

Stephan Knitelius wrote:So far I have simply put the code into Eclipse linked it to an JBoss AS Server and hit deploy.

Where did you get that example from? And any specific reason why you are trying out that example?

It comes with Jboss Remoting - (version 2.5.2)

I thought it would be a good approch to getting started with jboss as server to make calls via JBoss Remoting - or do you have a better suggestion?

I really just want to be able to preform Remote Method calls - with a good framework.
14 years ago

This seems to work
14 years ago
For starters this website is handy - I will also have a look whats up with your regex
14 years ago
So far I have simply put the code into Eclipse linked it to an JBoss AS Server and hit deploy.

No - I proably havn't done that since I am don't know how to do that. Can you help me out with that? As I said I am a total newbie to setting up Jboss AS Servers and all the configurations are still dark magic to me.

Thank you in advanced
14 years ago
I keep getting the following error message saying that no connection could be established:
org.jboss.remoting.CannotConnectException: Can not get connection to server. Problem establishing socket connection for InvokerLocator [socket://localhost:5400/?serializationtype=jboss]

The server is running - and the code seems to have been deployed successfully (since I can find it in the servers deploy folder).


Client code:

Many thanks in advanced.
14 years ago