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Recent posts by Mana Lesar

Here is the question:

And the Answer says: "Foo".

As for me the code will not compile due to error in line:

String name = pageContext.findAttribute("name");

because attribute needs to be casted to String here... But i have found this question in other source and it also said that answer is "Foo".
What you think ranchers ?
Its getting ridiculous.... Anyone still waiting with me?
Trivikram could you tell me who did you call by phone and where did you send your emails ? (I've already e-mailed - no response)
You can e-mail them and ask if everything is OK with your order and when you receive your voucher. I think we just need a bit more patience.
Bah, seems like I'm left alone on the battlefied
If you read the topic you will see I already did that ;)
Crap... I made mine on 19 March and still have not received Voucher
Thats good news Larry When did you make your order?

Larry Olson wrote:Hi Vinit,

Good to know that you received some sort of communication from Oracle. Was this a response to a follow-up email you sent recently? I did send SAI a follow-up email (which I didn't really want to, but couldn't resist) a few days back, but I haven't received a response from SAI.

BTW did you scan your student ID and send it to them by email as a proof?

I hope everyone waiting on the SAI voucher will receive it by March 14th. Would they be emailing the vouchers or would it be by postal mail?


Emailing, and March 14th is rather un-do-able, I would rather hope for something like May 14
Trivikram and Borja, you both still waiting too ;/ ?

Borja Campina wrote:Mana Lesar, I purchased the voucher and send documentation on March 9 and I´m still waiting.

I got response from SUN that they know that it is taking very long but they do really have so huge amount of orders. However they wrote that I should get my voucher within couple of days, so should you, even sooner. Let me know in this topic when you get your voucher

trivikram rammurthy wrote:Hi guys ,

I had purchased the voucher through SAI on MAR26 .They sent a mail the next day stating that it will take them "some" weeks before they can send the voucher. I have still not got it and was planning to take it by the end of april . Any of guys have a clue as to when they could send the voucher .


Have you got your voucher yet? I have been waiting since 19 March so it's been already over a month and I haven't got it.... It's starting to take far too long, I think i'm gonna e-mail them today.
After passing SCJP I was told by some user on this forum to wait for e-mails from SUN in order to register in the sun certification database. I think things has changed a bit...
As adviced, I was waiting... waiting and waiting... and e-mails did not come, and since its quite a long time cause i passed SCJP on 15.04.2010, today I decided to take things in my own hands and firstly mailed who2contact@sun to ask about the e-mails i was supposed to receive. Secondly I went to the Sun Certification Database website to Registration section, and to my surprise i figured out that all information required to register there and get your sun cert id are provided on the Examination Score Report from prometric.
After registration I logged in, and there was a second surprise waiting for me... My SCJP was already processed on 18.04.2010, and mailed to me on 19.04.2010. But there was also a huge mistake there, in my shipping address everything was OK but the COUNTRY was set to BRAZIL (i'm from EUROPE), i have no idea where did they get it from because all my personal data at prometric are correct and i have never changed them. So my SCJP was sent on 19.04.2010 to Brazil. I'm afraid it won't be easy to fix this thing and get my SCJP to the right place any soon now.... If I hadn't been waiting for the SUN e-mails I would have registered the same day I passed SCJP and fixed the shipping data, now I'm in trouble.
So, people don't wait for any e-mails after passing SCJP, go straight to and simply register and update your data, all information needed for registration are on your examination score report which you recieve at prometric after passing your exam.
Since 01.04.2010 you can get only 40 % discount on exam vouchers through SAI. Pity you did not buy it earlier.

Ankit Garg wrote:Congrats on the good score

Mana Lesar wrote:I did that mistake and went through some questions again and all 2 changes that I made were from correct answers into wrong ones...

How are you so sure about that??

I remembered the questions I changed my answers, and on the way home was already quite sure i changed it for wrong. At home I checked it with the compiler and it turned out that indeed i changed to wrong
One Tip for future SCJP takers...
If you got some time left after answering all questions, its not always good move to go back and think too much about all the questions you had already answered. I did that mistake and went through some questions again and all 2 changes that I made were from correct answers into wrong ones... After completing all questions you are probably mentally tired, and first thoughts are usally best ones
I have figured out 4 questions I got wrong on the exam out of 5 total.

One which I think is tricky i put here. There was a dozed or so lines of code given but these were crucial for me:

I was thinking hard if it is Compilation Error on line 3 because statement on line 3 is unreachable, as I knew that it is like that for following code samples:

Both above do not compile cause statement on line 3 is unreachable. The difference is that in above 2 samples, compiler can know just from first look that lines 3 are unreachable, cause "while(true)" without break inside should go forever(or throw exception what would make line 3 unreachable anyway), and 2nd example is obvious. In my case it was obvious for me that line 3 will never execute, but will compiler see it too as it was in above examples? In my question , compiler would have to go one step deeper into "if" condition statement which is always true, to see that exception is throwed. I decided that it will be compiller error, and i was wrong... If I think about it now it makes more sense for me and is rather obvious that there shouldn't be any compiler error, but it is all about your day shape and mental condition at THAT VERY moment, probably i was already tired after thinking hard on previous questions.

I went through many tough questiones, and easily got wrong on really lame ones, so the other 3 questions I got wrong I'm not gonna publish, cause they were so lame mistakes that i'm ashamed :P And the 5th one i don't know.