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Yeah..Eventhough only four patterns have been specified in the objectives, you need to study more patterns. I saw somebody in this group telling that they got some questions in other patterns also, I just read some more patterns. I hope singleton,front controller,session facade should be sufficient.
Good luck.
Hi everybody,
I am really sorry that I couldn't reply the queries immediately since I am on a vacation for sometime. Thanks for the wishes from all good hearts.
1.You don't have to remember the difference between the servlet 2.2 and 2.3 or jsp 1.1 and 1.2 etc. Just read servlet 2.3 and jsp1.2
2.Just get a print out of all the specified design patterns from the J2EE design pattern catalog + session facade + front controller.
3.I am still getting confused about the distributed containers,VM,WebApp,Server. I felt that the description about these were not sufficient in the specs. But make sure that you understand the following if I'm not wrong.
a)Servlet context can't be distributed at all.
b)HttpSession objects can be distributed since it's activated and passivated between the distributed container/vm/server whatever.
c)Default servlet context can be only one and it exists under only on container of a cluster.
Hi everybody,
I cleared SCWCD with 98% on this 11 Feb 2002. I am really thankful to all the members of this group and the JavaRanch for the links,materials,guidelines provided.
I missed one question in Session Management.
Before startig my preparation for the test, I studied taglibs. I had already gone through the servlet spec once long time back. I have been in Servlets/JSP/EJB for more than 18 months becos of which I had good level of confidence.
My tips about taking the exam.
1.I read Servlet2.3 and JSP1.2 specs at least thrice. These are the versions covered in the exam. This is displayed before starting the exam.
2.I read the 'Java server programming - J2EE edition' few times about the web,servlets,jsp,taglibs. Eventhough it had covered jsp1.1, it was really useful.
3.Needless to say, Mifta khan and Ken's notes.
I prepared for the exam for about 20 days * 2-3 hours on average.
About the exam about the DD,TLDs
1.You need to know the element hierarchy. Which is parent,child etc. I didn't get any questions like 'which are the mandatory sub elements of 'error-page' etc. So I hope you don't have to rmember the mandator elements of a parent element.
2.You need to remember the methods of the event objects like ServletContextEvent,HttpSessionEvent etc.
3.Read up on the design patterns so many times. You may have to 'guess' the answer based on the 'terms' used in the questions. For example, if you find data,resource,different vendors, then it's DAO. You need to know Front controller and Session facade also.
Whizlabs,javaranch mock were good in a way that they make you remember the DD elements. Dont forget to go thru the answers of each questions.
Thanks again to everybody.