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Hi ambrish

there were no drag and drop questions
in my exam.

kathy & sierra is more than sufficient.

And exam was much more easier than i thought.
8 years ago

i have cleared ocjp6 with 98% score on 9TH june 2012
8 years ago

i have cleared
OCPJP-6 exam with 98%.

there were no drag and drop questions.

8 years ago

friends i have cleared SCJP 6 exam on 9th june 20121.

i scored 98 % thanks Kathy & Sierra

Thanks & Regards
sumit kothalikar

i want to ask few questions o the above code
1) what is the use of super at line 1 why the output is DemoC# instead of DemoJava
2) what we are trying to access using super.s
3)why the output is same even though we use super.s ,this.s ,or s in println statement at line 1
source:Examlab 1

1) why invoking method with one argument compiles and runs fine at line 1
even though we are asking for 2 parameters to be passed in the function getFormattedObject()
2) while at line 2 we are passing two parameters it compiles and gives IllegalStateException
rohit see my above thread it has bitmap image of the above garbage collection problem
this question is explained in earlier thread gc thread
no thats not true

objects that can be put to A can only be of type C

you can put objects of type A ,B or C

B extends A
C extend B
means C extends A
Question 1:here we are accessing the private variable of the class from te class itself thus it has access

as explained bu Wouter Oet

About question 1. The main method is in the same class thus has access.

just check how many String objects are created

thanks a lot for the post it solves all the problems regarding sun/oracle objectives for the exam
hi kamila
i am trying to draw this diagram have look
i think the compiler error at line 7 is because we are not calling the method properly.

if we would called the method properly int the main method the code would complile

and the answer will be 13