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Recent posts by Li Jenny

in crystal report using sql server db

but i have an totoal amount in group footer,
how can i sum up all value exclude suppress value in detail
14 years ago
i want to create a paging fucntion with next & previous button using javascript
by default should be 1-10 page, when user click next button,then display
if user click previous,then display 1-10.

how can i do this?
how can i do a validation for textbox which only contain number [0-9] and/or only 2 special character "," & "-"
that mean the textbox contain:

if contain other than these character,then prompt msg.
how to do this?
if i have create radiobutton in aspx file
how can i get the checked value of this radiobutton in javascript

<asp:radiobuttonlist id="radio1" RepeatDirection="horizontal" runat="server">

<asp:listitem runat="server" value="AA" Text="Text" Selected />

<asp:listitem runat="server" value="Filter" Text="BB" />


i just copied this code but when i click on the rad2,it can't checked.
i just copied from the 2nd post's code as the code defaultchecked is set to rad1.
i can't select rad2 or rad1, as it is always checked at rad1.
I know the defaultchecked is when i enter the page, the radiobutton is checked by default.
but the radio button can't let the user choose either of them.
when the user click on 1st radio button, then checked this button, and set the 2nd radio button checked to false.
if 2nd button is checked, then set the first button checked to false.
only one of them checked.

but now when i code rad1.defaultchecked=true, it is always true, even i click another button, it can't change the checked value to the button clicked.
I would like to do a validation check for textbox field.
only let the user input number range or just a number in the following format:

1) 11,12
if the user input 1 to 10, or other than the above format, then prompt a msg.
thanks for your help.

but when i check another radiobutton, it seems can't appear checked.
the checked always appear in the first radio button. can't choose second one.
how can i create two radio button in a row using DOM javascript
i have create a table with 1 col and 3 rows
the 1st row is title name
the 2nd row is the header row
the 3rd row is the content.

when i scroll the scrollbar to the right at the bottom of the table, the header is also move to right.

i would like to ask,how can i scroll the scrollbar to right,how can i fix the 1st row??
i have used javascript to create a table by DOM method
and append textnode to the cell
now i would like to ask how to change the cell color when user click on the cell
table_cell.setAttribute('onclick',"javascript: ....);

how to add this effect?
what is dynamic data and how it helps to manage information.??
14 years ago