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Recent posts by fadi aboona

update: i think the problem is more to do with this:

if you change it to:

It would show up nicely!
9 years ago
fixed, what i did is, i made the ListView inside one row only then experimented with spanning multiple rows and it worked. Here is the new code in case someone struggles through this.

9 years ago

Darryl Burke wrote:

fadi aboona wrote:The TS and ATS labels are not in their proper position below Password!

Huh? They are below Password.

I think you need to tell us where you thought that code should place them.

If you're referring to the vertical positioning, look into setting appropriate RowConstraints

i need them immediately below password with not that much spacing. I will look into RowConstraints, thanks.
9 years ago
Hi all,
See attached photo. The TS and ATS labels are not in their proper position below Password!
I spent hours trying to figure this out, your help would ease up my suffering!
Here is the code:
9 years ago

harsh sahay wrote:
Hi all,
My doubt with this code is why auto-boxing with Long d=4 is failing as compared to Byte,Short,and Integer where it is a success? I don't understand why we need to explicitly specify the value as 4L for it to work. Since 4 is an int type shouldn't it be boxed automatically to Long? Please clarify.

Because the compiler would first box the 4 to Integer then it would be impossible to assign Integer into Long the IS-A test fails, Integer IS-A Long? No

Henry Wong wrote:

fadi aboona wrote:why oracle still beta testing us when they had the beta exam open? and why they keep changing exam topics?

This is true for many testing systems -- even college entrance exams, which have been around for many decades, have beta test questions. After all, how would you introduce new questions into the test?


I don't think it's right, i'm spending time on questions that wouldn't be scored!! then rushing through questions that would be scored!!

Giant company like Oracle should be able to know how to put questions based on difficulty, wouldn't they? What are they beta testing us exactly?

If i'm paying $350.00 for a final test then it shouldn't be beta testing us! Reminds me of video games, please pay us $50.00 to beta test this game lol.
why oracle still beta testing us when they had the beta exam open? and why they keep changing exam topics?

Norbert Muench wrote:

Ash Gill wrote:I would like to add that from my experience of trying numerous examples, ".class" files are searched in the current directory by default if we are not using the "-classpath" option. however, if we use the "classpath" option then the current directory is not searched by default for .class files.

That is correct. See How classes are found.
This can be easily verified by running the following code. If no class path is specified on the command line and none is set in the CLASSPATH env variable, then this will output "Class Path: ."

fadi aboona wrote:What i don't understand is how come we didn't use the "." in the javac command but java command wouldn't work without it?

Simple: The javac command wasn't looking for a GetJar.class file, it was creating it. The java command on the other hand needs to find the GetJar.class and it will do so by searching the class path.

Thanks Norbert, i guess i have to read more about classpath.

Gaurav Sagar wrote:All the answers are wrong. It should be:-

javac -classpath MyJar.jar GetJar.java
java -classpath MyJar.jar;. GetJar


What i don't understand is how come we didn't use the "." in the javac command but java command wouldn't work without it?
congrats Mushraf :-)

Digen Mahara wrote:Hi everyone,
We all know jdk 1.7 has arrived will the SCJP exam be called as SCJP 6 or SCJP 7.

check this website.
[] Define the structure of a java class?

does this mean the directory structure of class or the structure of class, like methods, fields, etc... i have contacted Oracle University for clarification, hopefully they will help me!

Ankit Garg wrote:I guess you need to know here what the signature of main method should be (public static void and taking String[] as parameter) and maybe how to create an executable jar file. Under which section is this objective listed?

Hi Ankit,
It's under java basics.
Hi all, can anyone clarify the exam topics for Java SE7 since there are no materials out yet except few books on Java 7!

Java Basics
[] Create executable Java applications with a main method -> what do i need to study for here?


Sriram Athreyah wrote:Hello dudes and dudettes of JavaRanch...
I passed my OCPJP 1z0-851 exam today with a good percentage(86 %).

It had 60 questions and time given to complete was 150 minutes(much more than required).

For people who are worried about how their exam will be, Please DON'T !!

I didn't know anything about java a month ago (I promise!!), If you're really sincere in getting your certification, do the following....

1. Yes, the standard book- SCJP by KATHY SIERRA (The Best...) := Please go through the 2 minute drills, exam watch, and the self tests !!

2. If you can't figure out why a given answer is wrong in a practice question, PLEASE RUN THE PROGRAM YOURSELF and see how the error or Exception or Compilation fail or output occurs.

3. PLEASE NEVER EVER EVER EVER take a mock test on the day of your exam....

4. In the exam, always go through all the options atleast once !

5. (optional, my favorite) NEVER review answers which you figured out the first time... only review marked questions (ie the answers you couldn't figure out the first time)

And now i'm a happy man(I'm only 22!) entering 2012 as a Java Professional


you are 22 and your brain has fresh blood :-) i'm 38 and i have understood everything in this book but my problem is my memory sucks!