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Recent posts by Arsho, Ayan

Hey Sonir :
You prepare for your college exams now thats more important, as always now you know how to approach the SCJP, you have done a good job 55% probably have lost in a whisker.
Do not lose heart ... come back with a bang later
do not stay out of touch with Java also, mean while code small snippets which increases your confidence.
Take Care
21 years ago
I wish all the best for u sonir!!!
21 years ago
Hi Guys :
I just completed exam, i would like to thank all the participants, moderators, owners of this WONDERFUL!! site.
I would say if u get avg of 70-75% in JQ+ then
you would be ready but watch out lot of thread questions.I got 100% in I/O.
BTW i got 76%!!!
-Once again Thanks

[ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Arsho, Ayan ]
21 years ago
I guess 70-75% on JQ+ is fine before the grand finale.

That's my 2 cents!!!
Can the interface be private and protected ?
Hi Sonir :
write it this way
i=0;j=0;k=0 counter will be 0(1)
i=0;j=0;k=1 break's out
i=1;j=0;k=0 counter will be 1(2)
i=1;j=0;k=1 break's out
i=1;j=0;k=0 counter will be 2(3)
i=1;j=0;k=1 break's out
i=2;j=0;k=0 counter will be 3(4)
i=2;j=0;k=1 break's out
So the answer 3 will be printed.
Hope this helps
can someone tell me how do i get the corresponding int value of this
1111111 111111111 11111111 11111010
somebody please speak up .........
Is it possible to use RandomAccessFile class in conjunction with the DataInputStream class.?
Good !! now Rajinder can u suffice the above with an example.
I tried and it blew up...
Hi mark :
Did u try compiling
int [] i = new int[0];
Hi All:
I am just trying to implement this statement in JLS

If the keyword this (�15.8.3) or the keyword super (15.11.2, 15.12) occurs in an initialization expression for a field of an interface, then unless the occurrence is within the body of an anonymous class (�15.9.5), a compile-time error occurs.

and my question is, can a anonymous class have a interface declarations and we can have a usage of 'this' and 'super' keywords.
If it doesn't make any sense, don't bother replying.
its very simple
1) what does this result in

It will result in Hel since starting point is 0 and count upto 3 characters(remember the first element in indexed 1)

2)System.out.println(str.replace('r', 'h'));
after this is executed there is no match and the same string is retturned
so it is Hello refer to API for more details.
Thats because the length is zero and invoking the first element that is ar[0] which doesn't exist will cause IndexArrayOutofBounds Exception.

Sonir :
Use a IDE for writing programs, you will know which to use and which not to.
There is a Textpad available freely, which you can write small programs and run it easily.