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Recent posts by Jagdishkumar Patel

Observer pattern may help you.
11 years ago

Sharon whipple wrote:Hi all
Is it possible to stop/start internal eclipse tomcat using ant task?

<target name="start">
<exec executable="cmd">
<arg value="/c"/>
<arg value="${path}/catalina.bat"/>

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

You are on the wrong way, instead of sendredirect use HTTP Client and make Post Connection

This won't work, since it's a browser making the request, not a Java client.

you can make a connection from first servlet, from where you are doing redirect, instead of redirect make a http connection to second servlet.
11 years ago

Carlos Calvo Garcia-Cuerva wrote:Hi friends

I have a problem that I don't know how to resolve. Well I have a solution, but I don't like so much.

Well, my app is between two external apps. This app receive a post request and I have to modify this request adding some parameters, and then send a post redirect to the final app with this parameters. The final app only accept post method, I can't use query string parameters. The user need navigate with his browser from requested app to final app, because he need to answer some questions in the final app. These 3 apps are in different servers.

I only found a solution... Althought as I told you before, I don't like so much. The solution is develop a jsp that writes a form post with all parameters and auto-submit method in body load.

what do you think? Is the only way?


Use HTTP Client
11 years ago

Pradhip Prakash wrote:
Hi All,

Can we make a call to doPost of a servlet directly via response.sendRedirect.

If yes, please tell me how.



You are on the wrong way, instead of sendredirect use HTTP Client and make Post Connection
11 years ago

Praj Salavi wrote:Hi everybody,

How the servlet running in one JVM can access servlet running in another JVM?

Use HTTP Client and make HTTP Conection
11 years ago