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Recent posts by Brusk Baran

i create some temp tables....then:
if I try truncate first and then drop, it seems I have performance gain.
Do you experts advice this?
May somebody illuminate me of this thing?
+ and - es? under which conditions?

Is this because JDBC has data limit it can cover?
i make many selects, aggregate functions, order by etc..
for a small set of data it works!!!

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[ September 26, 2005: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
It seems that a simultaneous multiple column update to a table is not possible. Instead one by one....
create index ...... with ignore_dup_key is also very helpful.. to insert new rows without thinking of duplications, they are ignored implicitly.
This was helpful in my problem.
it seems that the path is not consistent while i do forward within a jsp page to another jsp/servlet. sometimes get the target jsp's path sometimes does not change.
I sometimes include other jsp files dynamically and/or statically. is it a reason??
Brusk Baran
(Lightning Rain)
20 years ago
Salut comrades,
I have to make a complicated updated to a temporary table, which will be nourished with data from around 5 tables.(db= Sybase 12.5)

whatever i've tried, get always errors warning about Incorrect syntax near '('. seems that I MUST update the columns one by one.. is it so?
[ November 26, 2003: Message edited by: Brusk Baran ]
[ November 26, 2003: Message edited by: Brusk Baran ]
Sybase it is: A.c1 *= B.c2
Oracle A.c1 (+)= B.c2
i would like to select some columns from different tables, but from within 15 of these , sometimes 7 of them might be empty.
But I would like to set these 'null' values with either empty or null. How can I achieve these?
my select statement at the moment just returns all the rows that satisfy all the criteria.
so I loose some of the data which I must somehow get...
Thx Lasse,
it helped a lot ...
20 years ago
Salut Lasse & Jean-Louis,
u are right. I will just use it to connect to a in c# written service and get the update of ok. and have not used soap before, it appears just very complicated to me where to start but hopefully I have...
20 years ago
the problem starts with the packages I have imported . I got the SUN's SAAJ package but somehow seems that it is not the wrong one for SOAP Processing or I am doing sth. wrong.
20 years ago
It is very complicated,
which packages and from where do I need in order to just do a simple SOAP MEssage creation with one body and 3 text nodes , send it, get the acknowledgement ?
i am lost in the deep c of xml processing!!!
20 years ago
Java API for XML Messaging / SOAP with Attachments API for Java vs APACHE soap api
the interfaces are different. is this normal?
[ November 11, 2003: Message edited by: Brusk Baran ]
20 years ago

somehow it doesnot work. how do i confirm that the acknowledgement is ok?
20 years ago