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Recent posts by Eswar Nec

Hi jack,

Try this

Process p = r.exec("wget http://tomcatusername:tomcatepassword@localhost:8080/manager/" + action + "?path=/myproject -O - -q");

11 years ago

You have created method for parameter type as short.

But you try to call int like f(23);

1. Try to change f(a);

2. Otherwise create one more method

Hi, What i am understanding regarding your question,

Compare two files content. If the content is matching, then create 'new file' and write the matched content into the 'new file'. Is my understanding correct ?

If it is correct ,

Read the content from 'first file' and stored into one list or array or something object.
Read the content from 'second file' and stored into another one list or array or map or any object

Then compare two object content one by one, if it matches then stored that matched word into another result object.
Put the 'result object' into 'new file'.

This is basic logic for two files, similarly you can applied multiple files in single directory.
11 years ago
Put your all words in one ArrayList.
Then Iterate that array list one by one.

The logic is:

First time append the one word into the StringBuffer or StringBuilder (Whatever you use)
Second time append the two words
Third time append the three words and so on....
11 years ago
Hide all your db related code,
Check : After click save button then your application goes to result page or blank page.

If you got blank page, then check your configuration.
Then you will do write further implementation code.

Here i give you one similar sample. I follow this technique

1. First you don't write any logic, Check your all configuration is correct .
That means, Either the success page is displayed or not, when click the save button
2. After that write your full logic.
11 years ago
Try to use code tag, when you post.
its easy to identify the source code.
11 years ago
Hi Sanidhya,

Some javascript support to sorting (Ascending and Descending).

Go google and search something, you can get solution
11 years ago
Temporary assigned into one variable.

Check whether the string is null or not.

If null then write code for empty tag. otherwise display the content.
11 years ago

First you learn use of static varible..After that you can understand 'Kemal Sokolovic' answer.

Before ask question, you need to refer some example in some sites.
I sent some tips you. See your private message.
11 years ago
Hi Priya,

Post your code . that will help to easy to identify your problem.
11 years ago
Try this

11 years ago
Hi akila,

I test your code. My output is also

In Base
In Derived
11 years ago
So you expect the follwing result
Now the studentId = 2 used two tables.
So you expect the result is (roll_table,address_table) and count is 2, after execute query or use any logic

Suppose contact_table have data with studentId=2,
then the result is (roll_table,address_table,contact_table) and count is 3, after execute query or any-other logic
Hi Latha,

Before you post the java code , use code tag. Because it is used to easy view your code.
12 years ago