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In the UIX framework there is a specific tag for creating a instruction on a form such as how the lengh of a new password.

Is there such a tag in Struts 2

11 years ago
Is there a struts tag for creating a note or hint to display on a webpage

Say you want someone to create a password you have password and the textbox to enter the password, but next or underneath it you will have a note or instructions sttaing password must be of n lengh an of consist of the following chars.

11 years ago
In my .xml I have the following which works

This will create a report and will prompt me to download it.

But after I have downloaded the file I then want to load another page /WEB-INF/pages/report-sucess.jsp wgich will out put some metrics.

I cant find any examples , all the examples just deal with downloading a file.

11 years ago
used the following

Takes in a string an encodes the characters that need to be encoded
Hi Paul thanks for replying. I wrote a very simple parser

But there are other escape characters. I thought there might be a java object that will take a string an encode it.

Thanks for your replys, I am a great believer when using code I ahve not used before , in making sure I use it the best way, it does the job can handle about 2000 devices so far without rnning out of memorey, if it was massive files i would prob go for SAX, or Stax.
The reference to entity "G" must end with the ';' delimiter.

This is caused by a String

The cause is & needs to be replaced with &

As I build up my XML I can parse the string rebuild it using string buffer an string.

But is there a way to take a string an encode it so that it is XML parsable. A Jave object that will do the task for me.
Hi Paul . it works, well there was a slight mistake used childNode.getValue() when I should have used childNode.getTextContent().
So my question does indeed concern efficiency only.

The fastest neatest keep it simple stupied way I can think of doing a simple task extracting data from a XML.

It does what its supposed to do, just want to see is there a neater more efficient way of using DOM.
I have written some code to extract data from a XML file new to DOM, am I using DOM the correct way.

the XML file is

The code is

I am nost concerned with this code

Is there a better way using DOM to extract the data, I thought there would be something like Node.getNode(NAME) would return the value.
You need to force it, it will default to the browser since it is XML

so need the following

Added attachment
11 years ago
Hi I am trying to download file of xml created by my application.

I have the following action

Instead of getting the downlaod prompt TestResults are outputted straight onto my browser
11 years ago
Thank you Jaikiran Pai will download that one.
11 years ago