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Recent posts by peter petros

Hi, I have a class as follow :

Until now, I had expressions with the operator on penultimate position ie BBB-CCC-DDD-LE-CC

Now the operator can be on previous positions such as BBB-CCC-DDD-LE-AA-CC

Could you help me please ?

10 months ago

Carey Brown wrote:What library are you using to interface with excel? POI?

yes I am using org.apache.poi
11 months ago
I have a LocalDateTime field which I pass it as parameter in a method setCell of an interface (for creating excel) as below :

When I open the excel I see that the column with the date cannot be sorted as expected as the value is defined as String

Is there any way to replace the T with a space ?

The method setCellValue is able to have as parameter one of the following classes
Date, LocalDate, LocalDateTime, Calendar

Could you help me please ?
Thanks in advance
11 months ago
Hi all,
I want to make an integration test and as first step I have to insert some data to a table.

Let the table be 'TABLE_1' with the columns id (number) and comment (blob).

I want to insert value 1 and a empty test.xlsx file.

But I get the following error :
Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01704: string literal too long

And I dont know if it is what I need.

Can I make somehow differently ?

For example creating a File and without having all this string ?

Thanks in advance for your help
Hi all,
I am working on a multimodule application as follow :

I want to read the file from

I have created the following code :

and I call the method

The problem is that I get NullPointerException as I cannot find the file.

I tried to move the file in the same path with and it works as expected

Any ideas how to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance
1 year ago
Hi all, I am trying to make a method to return Map<Pair<String, String>, Set<String>>.
But I don't know how ..

Suppose I have a class called Person with attributes Name and Surname

I also have a method which returns a list of Person objects

I want to make a method returning the map which consists of
Key : a Pair object phase_name and distinct Person name
Value : an ordered set of surnames for the specific phase and Person name

Expected, something like that :
  Map<Pair<"PHASE_1", "ADAM">, SET<"JOHNSON">>
  Map<Pair<"PHASE_1", "OLIVER">, SET<"JONES","SMITH">>
  Map<Pair<"PHASE_1", "JOHN">, SET<"JOHNSON">>

Thanks in advance for your help
1 year ago
Hi all, I would like to save an image in an Image variable of a class.

My class is the Student

And in a form I have declared an array list : List<Student> list;
And an JDesktopPane with a label included lbl_image   and a button called jMenuItem1

How can I set the img to the database ?
7 years ago
Hi all,
I have 20 jtable with names TABLE_1, ... ,TABLE_20   (in a pannelTab)
In these tables I have data of list   List<STUDENT> students based on some criteria.

Moreover, I am using 20 DefaultTableModel called model1, ...model20

I want to click on a button and edit a row of the STUDENT but I don;t know how can I
get the current tab in order to use the appropriate model.

Could you help me please with an example ?

7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:In general I would recommend not mixing AWT components (e.g. Applet) with Swing components (e.g. JLabel). If you do you will see strange things happening. And in specific... do you have a question about that code? It's hard to do much without a question to answer.

I changed my code to

1. I want the new game button to start the game from the beginning.
I call init() but the image is not initialised.

2. I would like the order of panels to be vertical structured like :
New Game

Could someone help me please?>
14 years ago
I want to make an applet game like this on url :


Could someone help me please ???

I am trying to write code but I don;t know good java.
My code is :

thanks a lot
14 years ago