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Recent posts by Suraj Savaratkar


I was trying to expose the spring actuator cloud endpoints using cloud vault.

To expose all '/actuator' endpoints, I used below code:


Here, vault enabled is false.

When vault is false then /actuators all 17 endpoints are expose successfully.
Also, I was successfully test /actuator 17 endpoints using vault http scheme.

When, I use vault configuration as below:

Here, vault enabled is true and vault scheme is https. And expecting all 17 endpoints are getting expose irrespective of vault scheme. But found '/actuator' endpoints are not able to expose.

Find below log:

I am unable to understand, what is the issue with vault scheme https.  
Can somebody give me insights on this?

Your sharing is appreciable.

Thank you.
4 months ago

#1. I am able to read the outlook emails of particular person from their respective mailbox Folders.

#2. I have read the already created Universal distribution groups and its members using:

#3. The ticket should be created when a new email received by Universal distribution groups and sent it to actual caller from Universal distribution groups itself. To achieve this, I came across to first step to read the email received by Universal distribution groups . I looked through the
Microsoft Exchange EWS API documentation but does not found any API to read the email received in Universal distribution group.  

Can somebody give me insights on this??
Your sharing appreciable !!

Thank you.
6 months ago

I am using DropWizard version  0.8 and configuring Hibernate wrapper on UnitOfWork in outside of Jersey framework.

Below is code snippet:

The reScheduleJobs() method is auto initiate by Quartz scheduler and trying to connect to database but it fails and give below exception as:

No current session found in context.

Can somebody help me on it.

1 year ago
Thanks Tim

Followings are DB requirements:

  • It should be open source and having more feature than mongodb.
  • It should be easy to deploy on cloud platform as GCP, PCF or something else and having less configuration.
  • It should provide better mechanism for ETL testing as map reduce and more.

  • The actual query is to understand the which one is best database and fulfill the above requirements.
    Can you help me to understand Tim?

    Though of somebody else also helpful to me.

    1 year ago

    As I have integrated MongoDB in my spring boot application and it works fine.

    I need insight on below databases:
    I looked over internet and found few databases are available alternate for mongodb as couchdb, couchbase, ravendb, cassandra, neo4j, orientdb etc.

  • I am trying to understand, which one is the best database to integrate with spring boot on cloud platform accept couchbase?

  • Can anybody help me to understand..!!

    Thank you.
    1 year ago
    After long time, I am glad to talk about i got success to apply ProGuard in Dropwizard 0.8.*

    I am trying to run obfuscated jar but it gives me below exception:

    I am trying to resolve it but unable to find root cause of it, if somebody knows it can you please share your thoughts on it.


    1 year ago
    I have tried ProGuard obfuscator in spring boot application using gradle and it was successful.
    As well, I wanted to understand can we apply/configure ProGuard in DropWizard using gradle. Does there any possibilities to configure ProGuard in DropWizard using gradle?

    Thank you for your valuable response.
    2 years ago
    Then how to get spring java bean property accessible in ajax response from controller in ajax success .
    Can you tell how to access that properties in $.each() using response object and map key , $.each iterator key and .property name. its getting undefined.

    I checked various ways nbut not working also please tell how to send json response from spring controller. jackson core and jackson mapper asl how to configure to get access to spring bean properties in ajax response.

    Here is ajax call

    Hi All,
    I am stuck in JQUERY map function. I am retrieving object put in in the map and passed to the JsonObject class and write on the response.getWriter().write().
    This values are appeared on the firebug console, but i dont know how to access that keys property. Please help me..

    this is mu firebug output.

    as i written this

    but values are not printing as i expected..

    Please help.... !!!

    I am doing one spring and hibernate example. When i login.jsp it throws exception as bellow.

    This is my login.jsp

    This is java code method in class

    I did not get exact problem why this exception is occured..
    Please Help..
    5 years ago
    I am using Spring 4 framework + hibernate 4 framework for web application. Before mysql connection work fine. But while i used org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource class its thrown Exception.
    I Am new in spring and hibernate. Please guide for how to configure MYSQL Database Connectivity with Spring and hibernate.


    5 years ago
    How to map jqGrid url to servlet <url-pattern> in jsp to populate database data using servlet.
    5 years ago
    Thank you Srikkanth. Its works now. Thank you so much.