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Recent posts by Pattamuthu Aru

Hi All,

I am using <trh:tableLayout tag as below

Here my issue is when the content, overflows above 99%, i need append a scroll bar, how to do that. Thanks in advance
13 years ago
Thnks Burnham, will talk to my superior about this. But it is the requirement that we should develop REST webservices using AXIS
13 years ago
Thanks Burnham
i need to implement using AXIS 2. But this is JAX-RS. can i get some thing related to AXIS and Rest webservices
13 years ago
Hi Guys,

I have created a sample webservice using eclipse plugin and AXIS. Now i have to convert this sample application to use REST. Please help me with some sample application/code to develop a sample REST Webservices.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
I need to use velocity template with out using .vm file. Instead i should use string template. I think we have to use VelocityEngine.evaluate, how to use that. please help me
Thanks Adrian.

Yes we cannot execute Client side script from server side, but ICEFACES provides a way to do that.

Ok if it is not available in JSF, then i think rendering the script calling function will do.
13 years ago
I have managed bean called register bean , actionListener is invoked and from there i need to call a java script function, from the bean method.

I know how to do that in ICEFACES (JAVASCRIPTCONTEXT), is that some thing similar available in JSF?
Please help me how to do that.
13 years ago
I have developed a sample portlet(liferay) application using JSF.

The attachment has the folder structures and the jars i have included. I have put jsf-api and jsf-impl
from the jbossweb.sar of jboss 5.1.0, in the build path of the project.

I am getting the following exception on accessing the portlet. Please help me solve this issue

13 years ago

I am, getting

Here is my applicationContext file

and here is my Enitity

Please help me
Atleast someone please help me to convert this SQL query to Hibernate native query

i have just copy pasted this SQL in java but even then it doesnt work says

Please thanks in advance
Any suggestions or help, please.

Bringing to top
i tried the same but it gave me exception

The named query in account

And the exception is

MY actual SQL query which it seems to work with out any error is like this, so if we able to convert this query in HQL, then it will be good
select a.msisdn,sum(b.amount) 'amount'
from account a
inner join accrued_Transaction b on a.msisdn = b.msisdn
where a.account_group = 300 and a.opt_in_date is null and b.year <= 2010
AND b.quarter <= 2 AND (b.opted_in is null OR b.opted_in = 1)
GROUP BY b.msisdn, a.msisdn

HQL seems to be not accepting ON class

Thanks in advance