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Lon Lentz

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since Nov 19, 2001
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Recent posts by Lon Lentz

I have read the messages here about applet signing. I have spent over a month now trying to sign my applet to run under Mac OS 9.x. My app is currently signed for IE and NS on the PC. On the PC I used a Thawte issued RSA cert.
Here's what I know and/or been told in the last month:
The Mac OS 9.x JVM was written by Apple and is browser independent. Signing my app using JDK1.1.8 on the PC will produce a signed jar that will be enforced with the Apple Mac OS 9.x JVM.
The JVM for the Mac does not care whether the cert is from a CA or from the signer. That 1.1.8 uses DSA keys, not RSA. Making newer CA certs incompatible with 1.1.8 signing.
I have followed Sun's fine example for using the javakey tool and have created a truted user, a key pair, a certificate, and signed the thing, yet the Mac fails to respond to it. I even created a new .JAR with no previous signatures attached.
Apple's site has no specifics. Sun's site has no specifics. I have emailed with Apple's big Java guy. I have used Thawte's tech support. I have read a lot of both Apple's and Sun's docs on this and yet not a single item that fully explains all of this. For all of the coders and users of these apps, I am amazed that there has amassed such little on the subject.
Is there anyone here with experience with this matter who is willing to help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
22 years ago