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Recent posts by Manjusha Muraleedas

Hi All,

Thank you for your replies...

@Campbell Ritchie ,
Thank you for choosing the right forum for me..

@Jan Cumps,

There are other options for each of the technologies you selected

can you please list down some of them...I know only struts and EJB ..I just went through some sites describing hibernate. But I am not so confident on that. I am not sure whether it can be used in the place of Struts...

Panchayath .. is a local government in a village.Its more than a house block.
Hi All,

I am trying to build a software for my home use.

I mean, a software which has the following facilities..

1)personal details/
health status -> blood group/deseases/doctor

address ->village, panchayath, taluk address

2)educational qualifications
educational institutes
mark achieved

firms worked


5)bank accounts/loans/EMI/principle amount
bank address

7)internet user accounts

8)phone numbers> ambulance, hospital, doctor, railway, bus, taxi, hotels

9)service providers/internet, dth, phone, mobile, gas,their user ids

I am the 'software firm' and my Husband is the client ;-)

So It is the design phase now. I have decided to do the same with Struts2, EJB3 and Mysql as Back end with JBOSS application server and the time frame is 6 months ,I am a working woman.

Please give your sincere opinion on the selection of softwares...I am experienced in struts 1.1 and EJB 2 and ORACLE PL/SQL. Need to study struts 2 and EJB3 and MySQL.


He must be testing my confidence on Servlets and JSP... Confidence is the BIG thing that matters in an interview.

My thoughts was somewhat correct .But I didn't speak a word....

Thank you all... Thanks alot for the replies.....
13 years ago
I have been asked in an interview ,that, what is the difference between a plain servlet and a Jsp traslated servlet?
In another words, what a plain servlet can do that a jsp translated servlet can not...?

My thought on this qn is:

1. The jsp translated servlet can not use/specify doXXX() methods(may override using jsp declarations. but cannot use).

Please share your thoughts on this Question.
13 years ago
Thank you Wouter Oet... i got the results.

Two mistakes:

1.Wild Cards cannot be used during Object creation
2.List need to be casted to ArrayList.

13 years ago
I just tried to execute the following code ...

But I am getting compile time Error:

What this error means... ?
13 years ago

I have been asked the following question in an interview . I would like to discuss this with you guys

The question is

you are a team leader ... if one of your team members , who has been assigned a high priority work took an emergency leave...what will you do ( All other team members have their own work schedled to them). will you do all the work yourself?

My answer was.... I will analyse works of each team member and will put the low priority work on-hold and give this work to him.

What is the ideal answer to this?
13 years ago

The action servlet creates action instances as they are requested... but only ONE instance for each path. Thus, Action subclasses MUST be thread-safe or you'll get some very odd results!

Form instances are created based on the scope associated with the action.
scope=session: One form instance per session.
scope=request [default]: One form instance per request.

13 years ago
Thank you all...Thank you so much for the information....

13 years ago
So it was the time to show my confidence in Struts....

I am the loser .

Or I could have ask him what he really meant...
13 years ago

I have been asked in an interview to explain 10 types of actions(Struts).

But I know only 5 typs.


But the interviewer is not satisfied with my answer. But the interviwer is not at all happy with my answer.
Is there really 10 types actions? Can anyone give any link regarding this
13 years ago
Thank you for the suggestion...
This book will be suitable for seems..

I will come back with my doubts...
I agree. But I need to select a good book.I am a beginner to EJB. i have read HF servlets and JSP before, and it is a very good book. Now I am searching for a good book for beginner and also reading some online ppt's and other materials about EJB3.0.

Can you suggest a suitable book for me?

I want to learn EJB 3.0. Can we get Head first EJB3.0 PDF version for free download?