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Recent posts by Carey Brown

Are you writing this in Javascript or Java? They are two completely different languages. And The Ranch has a different forum for posting Javascript questions.

If it is really Java then most people seem to use Apache's "POI" library to read and write Excel files.
8 hours ago

Jeremiah Waters wrote:Thank you Dave and Carey! It's working now!

I'm glad you got it to work. Very good.
It would be appreciated if you posted your final working code here so that others may learn from it.
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
You've posted so many different changes. This is what you had at one point:
In order to help you you need to post the current code in its entirety and any error messages in their entirety.
20 hours ago

Your method isLeapYear() is static to the LeapYear class so you have to call it in a static manner using the class name:
It returns a String so you have to output that when the method returns.
22 hours ago
What are you trying to create? Class, interface, enum, method?
1 day ago
What are you saying?
1 day ago
The error message speaks for itself. You are calling the getDist() method on line 11 and it assumes it to be a method in the SimpleLocation class because there is no class name or object reference preceding it.
You have to either write this method yourself or figure out which class does have the getDist() method.
1 day ago
Is there something I'm missing in this discussion. It seems like this would be a reasonable solution. The work is being done in basically 3 lines of code.
1 day ago
Yes. Declare outside the switch() and initialize to null.
1 day ago
You've declared "Customer information" inside case '1' which will not be initialized when you get to case '2'.
1 day ago
Just came out this a.m.
1 day ago
1 day ago
You can't sort a HashMap by value but you can sort Map.Entry<K,V> using a comparator similar to above but using Map.Entry<K,V> as the Comparator type.
2 days ago