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Recent posts by Carey Brown

Thanks Paul. I don't see it either. There's no "market place" support either.
18 hours ago
What data type is cornflower? Where is it loaded?

You have a loop loading 30 images but those are not being added to the JScrollPane.

What is the program doing? What are you expecting it to do?
6 days ago
Welcome to The Ranch!

We would prefer that you cut and paste your code into a post rather than a screen snapshot.
6 days ago
In your screen snapshot the path starts with "first:". What is that? Is that specific to Visual Studio?

What is the absolute path to your symbolic link (shortcut)? What path does the link refer to?
6 days ago
This has been enlightening. Here's both together with some timing.


1 week ago
This might be an example of an anonymous class with a field, though it also has a lambda feature.
1 week ago

Fikri Harlov wrote:Whenever I need a class with fields rather than a simple function like a lambda.

@Fikri, I think you may have a valid point but I'm having a hard time coming up with a legitimate example. Could you please provide one?
1 week ago
Although... I was trying to find an example in my source code archive and only came up with examples like this. This was NOT implemented as an ANONYMOUS class because the constructor takes a parameter so it could be used in more than one place.

1 week ago
I might suggest a different approach.  The problem with your approach is that if there was something beneath the circle  you drew then that would be erased also. If you drew the circle on it's own buffered image and then have paint() display the combined buffer images then you could just remove the one BufferedImage or effectively use the alpha value and set the pixels to transparent.
1 week ago
I suspect this:
because it is called after you do the erase.

Can you show us the code for this?
1 week ago
Does your product look like this:

If so, the you are missing the Product.toString() method.
1 week ago
I can't compile this without the Product source code.
1 week ago
Preferred size is the starting point for the size a layout manager will use if possible. This size may be reduced due to constraints placed by other components but should not be reduced below Minimum size.
1 week ago
You'd need to start with a clear specification as to what constitutes a valid String. Only then can you decide on a technique for implementation and test cases.
1 week ago