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Ben Hayce

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since Jun 05, 2010
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Recent posts by Ben Hayce

In a website, visitors register then login, admins are users but with extra capabilities.

I know that this doesn't bring anything new, but this is my context, I got confused since in the database admins and registered users differ only by with 'role' property.
Visitors don't have any entry in the database.

Ask me if the context isn't clear yet.
Thank you David,

I have an other question still about class diagrams:

Suppose I have categories of profiles: admins, users, and visitors.

Can I use inheritance although later in the database I'll just keep a field called 'role'?

Thank you.
Hi there,

Suppose I'm making a class diagram for my application...

Does it differ weteher I'm using MVC architecture or not?

Thank you!