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Recent posts by vijin das

hi nidheesh

check jboss docs

Associations and joins in Hibernate

check thistutorial also which may be helpfull.

Hi Naijat

My suggestion is use jquery so that you can omit some of the browser related issues ...

you can use .focus() function in jquery . check Jquery Focus Doc

This is just a suggestion ...


Hi deepak

Can You Please Explain your Actual requirement ...

there Can be Some Caching issues in your case (am not sure) ..

on server side you have to make sure that you wont cache a response
use this to enabling no-caching

i Guess you are using HTTP GET method . if you use it you may be getting same response ...

if you are using POST you have to do some tuning on XMLHttpRequest check this link Ajax POST

check these also ajax link
Seequential Ajax

Hi stelios

which charset you are using in your meta tag of your jsp ??

is it WINDOWS-1253 or ISO-8859-1... I think it is ISO-8859-1 so convert it to WINDOWS-1253 ..

try to convert it using the below code

try and see whether is it working or not ? check this link also LINK


13 years ago
INDIA Will Win .............
13 years ago

Can you try with using JavaScript when you click submit button just disable the button . so that user cant click again until you finish your operation ..
what is the action you have to upon clicking submit button .. do it and redirect to the same page or to any other page when you finish your work ..
in this scenario itself you can use ajax also ... !!

13 years ago
i have edited the subject line and contents to make the requirement more clear ....

so what you geeks are thinking...will it be possible ....???

13 years ago
suppose am taking in the first tab of my browser .... and am logging into application ...

now i want to open the same url in the second tab of the same browser ...but it should not go to the profile of first user logged in through first tab of the browser ..i want the user to get the login page and he also should be able to login the application multiple users have to login ???

Any ideas ?? please help ...

13 years ago

And, false value of the attri means

Please use real words when posting to the forums. Try to avoid Abbreviations such as "attri" in place of "attribute" ...

Please click this link ⇒UseRealWords for more information.

If you are setting isThreadSafe property to false you will have many instances(say N numbers) of the servlet will be generated, loaded and initialized, with the service method of each(say N numbers) instance synchronized properly .If you are setting isThreadSafe property to true a single instance of the servlet will be generated , loaded and initialized in the container as normally ....and true is the default value ..

13 years ago
Your Question is not complete ....what is the name of your servlet is it ServletDemoOne??? or anything else ..
try to give give maximum information about the error....!!!
may be your application may not have been deployed properly....
13 years ago

Jagdeep Sharma wrote:I also faced this situation few weeks ago.

Then what you did to solve it...
put trans.commit() in the try block itself after .... try this code ..and test

try using HttpClient API using this link HttpClient download the API from that site and read the docs and do your job..its having mechanisms through which you can communicate with a servlet from a java program..
just check this for sample code using httpclient ...postmethod example one more example HttppostmethodExample....
13 years ago
for changing any settings in the parent window from child window you have to use window.opener. to access the parent document ...!!!
so if you want to change bgcolor property of parent use

in your javascript function... which will change your parent window bgcolor to red......