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Recent posts by Chin Loong

check this article out :
6- Xalan and Xerces - Not just for the Ancient Greeks anymore
One of the more common questions that we hear in WebSphere support
is, "How do I setup WebSphere to use the Xerces.jar and Xalan.jar
that is distributed with Apache rather than using the Xerces.jar
and Xalan.jar that is is distributed with WebSphere?"
For quite some time, the answer was, "You can't do that." The
problem was that the Adminserver required the use of WebSphere's
Xalan and Xerces files. But your voices have been heard and
there is now an approved method for using Apache-based Xalan
and Xerces files in WebSphere Application Server V3.5.3.
E-fix PQ47050 resolves your problem if properly applied and if used
in conjunction with inserting the correct classpath statement
for each application server. The e-fix can be downloaded from

You also need to add the following string to the command
line arguments for each application server using xalan and
-classpath ....:xxx/xalan.jar:xxx/xerces.jar...
Substitute the directory where you have stored the
jars for the xxx. If you are using Windows NT then use semi-colons
instead of colons. Restart the server so that the classpath
takes effect.
22 years ago
can anybody help?
22 years ago
hi there guys,
need a bit of help. I'm using JEditorPane to display some text to be printed in content-type "text/html". The problem is, even though I specified the font size in the tag
[font size="-1"]
even though the font changes size accordingly, the height of the space that the font contained remains the same. To put it in simple terms, at first, the fonts were quite big, and my JEditorPane could only fit a certain number of lines (let's say 10). when I use [font] tag to make the fonts small, the fonts became small as expected *but* the JEditorPane *still* can only fit 10 lines. The height of the font itself became small, but when I click on the font, I noticed that the caret's size is still huge (only the character size change, the row size remains the same) and there's huge space in between rows. Now, how do I change that size?
Pls help, thanks
22 years ago
hey guys,
i got a problem with my application. in my JTable, when I enter a value in a cell, and later press a button to update it, the value won't be properly input-ted into the corresponding cell unless I press the ENTER key after i finish typing the value!
so now i have to *remember* to press ENTER everytime i want to update anything in the table because if i don't, the value enter just before the "update" button is pressed won't be inside.
how do i deal with this problem? do i unfocus the table when the button is pressed, or what? how did u guys deal with this problem?
22 years ago
i took mine on nov 27, results were up by 30th, and i got my package today dec 6th, around 9 days after i took the test.
yeah, probably u should write an email asking them about it.
22 years ago
ashik, i finished core servlets n java, but it was like 1 year ago
now i'm reading miftah and ken's notes (simultaneously, chapter by chapter).
i had experience coding in servlets n jsp, but u know.. experience in coding != par excellence in exams heheh
i think i might take the test on dec. 24th (like fei ng) too if i pass, it'll make a great christmas gift (sorry to "steal" your idea fei ng heheheh)
wow, u all can buy books.. great
i can't buy books. my extra savings each month are for buying the voucher (this month : scwcd! )
i got the mail today.. and it said (if u have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Representative at (303) 272 - 5720
22 years ago
oops! i meant galton! sorry!!
thanks for correcting it, jane..
22 years ago
hey fei ng: which chapter u're in now?
i'm a little bit slow .. lots of deadlines lately *sigh*
eh? i became ranch hand already.. just noticed that
hey i'm gonna take the ibm-486 ooad & uml exam next too.
ai ~ dunno how long i gotta study for that i don't know uml at all heheh
errm.. just for your info, u got the "country" and "email" columns switched .
great job on the mock exam! (haven't tried it.. still studying for it)
and it's pretty funny afsah should got 0 in the test. well, either it's that ironic, or probably somebody just want to give her a bad name. but well, who's so free to waste their time to do so ?