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Recent posts by Jhun Hoon

Quack !
I'm quite embarassed about this, the solution is already in catalina.sh
Thanks alot !

# CATALINA_PID (Optional) Path of the file which should contains the pid
# of catalina startup java process, when start (fork) is used

15 years ago
Dear all !

Hi, i'm wondering if i can run tomcat in specific pid, so it'll be easier for me to kill tomcat in linux with a simple shell script.

So far, if the tomcat cannot be shutdown for some reasons, i had to issue 'ps auwx | grep tomcat' and then kill -9 the pids.

Please advise

Wishing you all well !
15 years ago
Hi, i just want to ask, are fonts different from windows and linux in applet. I use a standard courier font.

For example, if i make an applet with courier font texts in linux, and make the texts wrap themselves, they will run ok in linux. But if i run the compiled applet in windows, the wrapped text somewhow got truncated.

But if i compile the applet in windows, it will look ok in linux and windows.

I've tried replacing my courier fonts in my /usr/java/jdk/jre/lib/fonts/cour*.ttf with the cour*.ttf from c:\windows\fonts with no effects .. Applets compiled and run ok in linux doesnt work in windows. They must be compiled in windows to run ok in both.

Why is that ?

Does the compilation use the fonts in the jdk lib or the system fonts ?

I'm so confused T_T

Please help
16 years ago
Any ideas folks ? T_T ...
Sorry to repost out of desperation, lol
Sorry, i mis-edited the html .. The return true; should be in the jscript function. =p

If i use onkeypress or onkeydown, it'll scroll smoothly unlike the onkeyup, but with 1 catch, the last character i entered doesnt get uppercased.

I've already tried the combination of onkeypress, onkeydown, onkeyup with/without the return value, etc

Nothing works.. T_T
It seems so simple ...
I still cant achieve what i want, helpp ..

Please try this in firefox / netscape 7.1

[ December 29, 2005: Message edited by: Jhun Hoon ]
Hi Mr Eric,

Thanks alot for your information,
Your solution works !

But it seems that other input of other types who share the same style class got more transparant too. The readonly input text now contains transparent texts =))

I could just use different style for different type of inputs though ^_^, and that would do the job ..

Just want to make sure though, if IE really doesnt have the [TYPE=IMAGE] equivalent of netscape/firefox ..

Thanks again !
Hi, i have a problem againnnnnnnnn ...

with the following css entry :

The image got transparent allright in firefox/netscape, but doesnt work in IE 6 .. I wonder why ?
I think i've done it right with the filter:Alpha(opacity=20);

Plz helppppp
Thanks Mr.Paul !!
Exactly the point what we want right now ^__^
My old perception was that the images also got requested all over again, skipping the cache.
It all began in another case i had when i have to popup images in another window. The problem i had is that the browser still show the old image even when i'd replaced the old image in my app. So i tested the pragma and control-cache approach, and it worked, the browser 'appeared' to always load the newest images .. and thus my perception was formed

I just knew the other approaches for always fetching the newest images from server, like using dynamic parameter value in the image query string url, etc.

Maybe in my older case is that the browser got more intelligent about images after i put the pragma and control-cache in response header.

Thank you very much for the information ..
I'll just have to experiment more ..
Hi, i've tried using these in response object :

I know that this will 'force' the browser to request the server again, skipping the cache for the associated page. But what i dont know is this :
Are the images contained in the page also get request all over again?

Actually i just want the page to be new .. but still uses the images in the cache .. downloading all images all over again could make the web app slow ...

Plz helppppppppppp
Hi guys,
Here's goes another lamentation of mine ...
I'm testing a simple input text such as this :

<input type=text name=text size=20 maxlength=30 onKeeUp=toUpCase(this)>

(sorry i replaced onkeyup to onkeeup, coz i cant post with the onkeyup)
where the function toUpCase is this :

function toUpCase(input) {
input.value = input.value.toUpperCase();

What i want is, as i type, the characters get upper-cased .. They work fine until the characters type exceeds the size of the input field (not yet exceeding the maxlength). In normal situation without the upper-casing, the input will scroll to the end of the string.

But in firefox 1.5 / netscape 7.1 i used, it doesnt scroll, the text get appended to the last string but the last char is not visible. (omigosh, so hard explaining it )

My friend said that it works fine on IE ..

Pls helppp ...
Further dicussion could be located at

Bug submission[by other people] could be found at

Wheeee ... Wheeee ...
16 years ago
Hi javaranchers ...

Could you help me with this problem ?
Here's my code :

I use this font in the graphics.drawString() method, but it seems like the text is drawn with PLAIN style, no effect of bold at all.

If i change the WEIGHT_ULTRABOLD to WEIGHT_BOLD, it works, the text is drawn with BOLD style.

I wonder what is wrong ? I really want the BOLD to be 'bolder', thicker ^.^

Or is there any other approaches to this ?

Helppp meeeee
16 years ago
It works ! It works !
Thank you so much guysssss !!