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Recent posts by Harish Muthuraman

@ Sunny Bhandari
Thanks for your reply.
But again same link works when the bean write's value doesnot have an appostrophe in it. So, i don't think the double quote is the problem.
11 years ago
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:actionClick('voirDetailsJour.do?usineSelect='+ document.forms[0].usineSelect.value+'¯ozecSelect=1&autreMacroZecValue=<bean:write name="SYN" property="labelSyn"/>');"></a>
suring runtime <bean:write name="SYN" property="labelSyn"/> value becomes "STN'STB".
when ever the value contains an appostrophe, my link does not work.
please help

11 years ago
what is the maximum length, a string can have?
11 years ago
Is there any way to overcome the exception - "ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded"?
can you suggest any way that i can adopt to overcome this.
Can this be overcome by any strategic implementation in java?
I have a text box in the .jsp file.
Present condition : when the user enters the value in the text field and hits 'Enter' key the page is submitted.
Required : When Enter key is hit, the page must not be submitted.

Can any one help??
When i tried to update the database after page submit, i got the error message "ORA-01000: Maximum number of open cursors reached".
what does this mean?
can any one help me??
can anyone please help me in running the server in debug mode in websphere app. developer and how to proceed further??
12 years ago
im using the following statement in javascript
shell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
It is put inside the try catch block. And during the execution of this statement, the catch block is called.
im not able to find the problem.
do i need to import any header files for this?
Hi guys, thanks for your info..
and Ankit, thanks for your tip.
Some body, can you help me in knowing on how to register for the SCJP certification in India and how much does that cost ??.
Even i have the same issue.. can some one please help me with this. can you suggest me with alternatives?