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Recent posts by Tom Stevns

Hi Ranchers

May one of You have some experience about what Managed File Transfer system(MFT) to choose in accordance to JAVA programming

Best regards

Hi Ulf !

What do You mean by

"How would not running in an app server improve security? "
Hi Chris !

During the last 15 years a lot Projects has been concentraed on getting programs out of legacy systems to application serves like OAS, WAS etc.

So I ask if time now has come to re-engineer in the opposit direction ?

One good reason could for example be to improve the security.
Hi Debu Panda, Reza Rahman, Ryan Cuprak,and Michael Remijan !

I have considered developing my own Java package that can integrate to different Application Servers on different operating systems, such as Java , . Net and also as far as z-OS.
I had imagined that it would be by combining traditional EJB 3.0 technology with the Spring framework.

I hope you have some good advice for me?
Hi Coderanchers !

regarding: IBM-RAD-9: Can't "quick fix" from my "Software analyze" perspective

I have succeeded in generating code review report both PDF and XML’s

So for so good !

But I have not yet succeeded in making a quick fix all from my Software analyzer perspective !
The action point Quick fix all is greyed-out and therefore disabled for generating quick fixes (

Best regards

Tom Stevns
7 years ago
Hello to All of You !

Issues brought up through this discussion are rather essential for me, and have been so for quite a while.

As an example :

How can you as legal authority identify a person by a name, address etc, if you meanwhile have to transpose between different character formats ?
Formats like Win 1251, EBCDIC, ASCII, Latin, Unikode . You really have to be strictly and sure about the scope of transposition

For the time being I'm going to make a draft describing how to convert from Unikode to Latin and vice versa.

I would grateful if You some links or hints that could help me about the work above.

Hi All !

Thank you very much !

Your information are most usefull.
11 years ago
Hello !

"I'm searching for some best practices, documents links etc. concerning this topic !"

Nor do I like the use of @suppresswarnings.
But of course - there might be special cases where it can be helpfull.

I've run through a lot of Enterprise code from external consultants where approximately 30%
of the java files uses @suppresswarnings.

I think it's too much !!

11 years ago
Hello !

I would like to get som information about testing Java-security and especially Rolemappers , SAMTokens etc. with unit tests.

Do You by chance know anything about It ?


11 years ago
Is it possible to implement SAML tokens when using Spring 3
11 years ago
Hi !

You have several ways to detect errors.
The logfile systemout.log is probably the most common for the WAS
(WebSphere Application Server)

Look for MQJMS**** exceptions

Normally You will start to have connection problems: wrong Quemanger, Quename
etc. MQ reasen code like: 2005 2058 2008

Try the MQ / jms problem determination redbooks
13 years ago
Thank You very much William !

I look forward to read about it tomorrow.

Sweat Dreams |o)
Hello William !

In any case I bet the limiting factor will be the speed at which the MQ server accepts messages.

Tomorrow I will give You an answer because I've already created and Integration-tested that part. I just have to make a test file which generate and write 2*10E5 dummy-messages to an input queue.

About the implementation: The only thing I can be sure about is that the
XML is in a proper format. Therefore it is too risky to let it be line dependent.

I concider a XMLreader and XMLwriter combined with an iterator will do
the job.

Anyway I just have to try - even the ultimate code with less than 15 line
would be nice. There must an XML API having a String like method that simply grabs the whole content of an XML-element including the child elements. ;)

Thank You for the suggestions.

Regarding: Where in the world are these 200,000 files going?

William Brogden - These files are putted to a MQ queue i slices because
our MQ-system i not allowed having messages in the size about half a Giga-byte

I have done it with SAX and "Streaming a large HTTP file" about four years ago, but this time i has to be in a more "generic"(I hate that word) fashion

Have a nice day or evening to all of You
Hello !

I have a XML document containing 200.000 elements.
Those elements should be placed respectively into 200.000 new XML files.

I would appreciate to hear from You about this problem

NB! No validation is needed.

The input should be streamed

- So far my own suggestion concerns about SAX2 - DOM2 - XPATH - XSLT or even just using som of the Java STRING metods.

Thanks in advance