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Neil Foster

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since Nov 20, 2001
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Recent posts by Neil Foster

Yes, I also feel that they should offer certificate. I don't know "why" don't they offer.
At the same time, I don't think that "I am ever going to require certificate" as a proof. Marksheet (when there is no certificate) will serve the purpose.
On different note, how will u compare OMG's UML certification with IBM's.
Congratulations reddy.Can you please share your experience of "appreciation/acknowledgment" of your certifications in your current job.
How to decide between SCBCD and SCEA?
It is a very useful question. Nicolas has very well mentioned. I suggest you to appear for neutral (product/vendor independent) certifications first and then based on your current/expected assignment go for product based certs like WebSphere/WebLogic.
Programmer->Developer/Web Component Dev->Software Design->Architect would be my choice of track.
Best of luck!
Hi Pradeep,
I am planning to take both Weblogic and 484 certifications in Apr-May. Am I eligible to be your beta customer?
Hi all,
Is there any news about WebLogic 8 certification? I am planning to take Weblogic certification and want to know if its worth waiting for the new exam (if there is any?).
Dear Ranchers,
I owe my success to all of you. though i never wrote a message at this place but still contributed a lot in my success. its really a wonderful place full of enthusiastic ppl willing to help others.
an hour back i appeared for my first certification exam - scjp and got 91%. its a great feeling.
i had 4 months java experience.. followed the advice at this place and prepared thru Kahlid Mughal, Marcus Greeen Exams , J@Whiz along with some quick articles/tutorials on topics like Threads/IO/Inner Classes.
Khalid is a great book. Marcus exams are the best free mock exam. I got 94% in them. J@Whiz helped me immensely specially in topics like Threads and IO, i got 85% in 11 practice tests.
Exam was tough but i could keep my cool and patience and finally came out of the center with smile on my face.
Once again thanku all for your contribution in my success. I will be more than happy to give back by contributing at this place. Please feel free to shoot out your queries and i promise to try my best to help you out.
Best of luck to all of you
21 years ago