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Recent posts by Phillip Sulvan

hi again...

managed to do that in jfree using a customxylinerender class and implementing the methods

anyway thanks, but if you have some idea how to "manage" the fill/visible/paint comparing to a dataset with cewolf i will be very thankfull to you ^^
You thought right. It was kinda what i was trying to achieve. to paint or not determined points.

i checked the demo( did some tests, kinda apply it to my charts ) but still there is one more type i think.. or i dunno how to make the "right" expression:

the case is : when i build my dataset, i define "certain points" to be or not be paint accordinly with a flag inside the database ..i did it using annotations with a List with which to "paint or not".
so, basically i need to compare or check a list with the coordinates to paint or not...

that is being the biggest problem so far

Thanks Ulf Dittmer.

It solved tons of my problems this implementation, now there is just one ( i think, kinda simillar)
I did a jfreechart chart for multiples annotations and the result was kinda good. i was reading the javadoc about those conditionals... is there anyway to "compare" the value(series,x,y) with a dataset(or a List<>) and if equals do the shape/fill etc?

i mean i have the database. i do the query and fill the timeseriescollection with the series.. but jfreechart dont "make" you add a "control point like" to the timeseriesitem. so while i am running my resultset i created a List<paramclass> with the atributes (t,x) (t for position of the timeseries inside of timeseriescollection, and x for position of value inside the timeseries)...
then after i created the annotations on jfreechart and used a for to run the List filling the chart with "a red circle" in each "point" of the List..

i did with multiples annotations that on jfreechart.. but i didnt understand how i would do that on shape/fill for each point on jfreechart.. so this is why i am asking if there is a way to do that on cewolf with this new feature.. or if not, how to do that using jfree?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks Ulf Dittmer for the answer.

yes. i am reading atm about the annotations.

if it works here would be nice.. but i dont know if it will be possible cause there are some doubts...

i mean..looking at the example...

how i would get the "X" value in a timeseries chart?
the annotations only "print" a specific point? i dunno if i was clear enough (sorry if not ) but i need all points that are higher than a determinated value... so, that results in more than one annotation in the chart... maybe tons of annotations ( more than one for each serie ).....



Edit1 :
The "X" Value..seems i figured out.. time need be in milliseconds....(working here like the example when i add a specific x,y pos, now need check if possible to print more annotations accordinly with the data i have.. and how)...

Hi again,

I have a problem.

i have a timeseries chart, and i need to "make a specific point in the series to be different from the others... ( maybe a new color shape/etc). and there is a condition for that.. (when the y value is higher than a limit.. that point need be diferent from the others )

i was checking how to configure lines/shapes/etc. but didnt think in how to bypass this problem..

Thanks in advance...

kinda solved..
just recreated the producedataset method again.. now working.. dunno what was happening..maybe i miss something.. anyway.. thanks


- Figure out why it didnt executed the method from the .java

Could have something to do with the fact that the first code implements CategoryToolTipGenerator, while the second code implements XYToolTipGenerator.

i have a "timeline series chart" from a timeseries collection... when i executed the second code (in the jsp) it worked somehow.. then i tryed to reproduce it on the java as a tooltipgenerator using a xydataset. it compiled without problems, but didnt get executed. dunno what i am missing here.
ok.. solved one problem, the "name" of the series on the tooltip

now, kinda done but appreciate any help in that other problem.. how to execute the generatetooltip in the java, so i can take out that method from my jsp

thanks in advance...
hi.. hello again

i managed to "generate tooltips" by adding the following code to my jsp...but, i really dunno why the method (generatetooltip) is being called on the java...
here is the code

now the problem is :
- the tooltip being generated is "a time + the y value of the chart".. i dont want to get y value.. maybe i want.. dunno yet.. but seriusly i want is the "Name of the Serie". ( dunno how to get this... for this timeseries chart )
- Figure out why it didnt executed the method from the .java

any help/idea?

Ulf Dittmer wrote:You can check out the HTML that gets generated. It should have a <map> tag with onmouseover and onmouseout event handlers.

I have this as html generated.

dunno what is wrong on my bean...

i have the following structure there..

if possible, has any example of this method generateToolTip working on a timeseries?

ps: how do i assure that the method generateToolTip is being executed?

Thanks in advance.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:How are you specifying the tooltip generator in the JSP?

here is my chart

the chart is working, only the tooltip that isnt... seems it isnt being called.. but i cant find in the examples where "to call" it.

ps: the method productdataset is returning a TimeSeriesCollection... ( that is the only difference from the example tutorial.jsp that return a DefaultCategoryDataset) and i cant figure why the generateToolTip isnt being called
i am new at cewolf.. but checking the examples and the war, i was able to make a timeseries chart. it is working excepts for the tooltipgenerator... i tryed tons of stuff and didnt get it working for a timeseries one...
i checked the tutorial one, and it works. and my timeseries cant generate...

i even put

public String generateToolTip(CategoryDataset arg0, int series, int arg2)
System.out.println("arg0: "+arg0.toString()+ "series "+series+" arg2"+arg2);
return seriesNames[series];

to check how it was generating the tooltip. but couldnt make equal in the timeseries... seems it dont execute this method...

please help