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since Jun 15, 2010
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Well, i am just an undergraduate, a littlle into java and java related technologies...and yes an SCJP...and scwcd...right now trying my hand at making webapps.
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Recent posts by Abhi Agar

We are using iframes in our web-app based on struts 1.3.8.
Now, we want to incorporate internationalization.
We included a separate file for file.
This way we are having Hindi support, along with english. It works fine.

The problem comes, when we are using iframes. Internationalization content doesn't go there. the hindi text comes as "???".

It seems the Struts gives only ANSI encoded text to jsp or html pages refernced inside iframes or maybe the server! Becuase when I made a random iframe, trying to fit in hindi in it forcefully, I was successful. That means, there is some problem at the server side.

See, what you all have to say. It is disgusting!
13 years ago
I know what EJB is, the problem is I don't understand what are web services? And how can they help me in my future track!
Hey there, can anybody tell me, if I can skip scbcd and go directly for web services certification.
I know hibernate in good fashion, so i don't find any good in scbcd.
What all basic knowledge is required for scdjws?
And where can i get the exam objectives.

Thanks in advance!
Hey there,

I did my scwcd a while back, and have completed a full-blown project since then.
Now, I am thinking to do a new certification.
But , since I work on hibernate, I don't think there lies benefit in learning EJB and doing SCBCD.
If there are other certifications that I can, do let me know. Thanks in advance!
I forgot to mention, I am using DB2 community edition.
13 years ago
Hi there,

I am using struts 1.3.8, so MVC is the main pattern, on RAD 7.5 using Websphere 7.0.

I tried a simple java project(not a web project) for testing JDBC using RAD, and it worked fine. I externally included for the driver "".

Now, when I make a web project(using struts) on RAD, and inside the model class, if I invoke the driver, it is not working.
I included the same "" externally.

I think this is due to websphere configuration or something.
Please shed some light.
13 years ago
Hi there,

I am new to RAD 7.5 and Webspehere 7.0. Though I have used Tiles plugin with struts 1.3.8 in past using netbeans, but, in RAD nothing seems to work.

Under the tiles plugin option in struts-config.xml, <set-property> has a property="definitions-config", which has a "value" pointing to "tiles-defs.xml".
But, RAD gives an error that property under tiles plugin property should be a java identifier. ( "definitions-config" is not a valid java identifier)

I see no reason why RAD should give such an absurd error. The same struts-config.xml file works on netbeans.
13 years ago
Seriously, I didn't get it. Can you please reframe the question. Can you show us the code.
What values do you want to display?
Is it like a shopping cart?
13 years ago
Hi there

Our team is working on a web-app, and it's our first time. We have agreed on using hibernate mapping framework at the back-end along with DB2.

We want a quick killer guide to hibernate, if there is any. We can't throw our time at reading the entire documentation, or books like "Java persistence with Hibernate", since deadline is closing in. But missing on essential points can be potentially critical. We are done with our first hibernate mapping code, but after that it seems as if it is an entire ocean to assimilate.

Can you please guide us. Is reading the entire book a necessity for using hibernate? Or is there an another way.
Hi there.

Can you please tell me that whether struts 2 has a sound integeration with websphere as is the case with struts 1.3.
Can the tools for "forward engineering" work in the same way for struts 2 as is the case with struts 1.3 in RAD?
And if so, how! Please guide me to an online tutorial or something.

13 years ago
It's killing me.

I am unable to use a pojo(simple java class akin Employee or Person) in my struts 1.3 ActionForm as a formbean's property. I am referring complete reference second edition, and I see in it, it has been mentioned that owing to java's reflection one can use the nested properties in formbeans.

But when I use it, and try to access it in the form's input jsp page, then I get this exception:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Invalid argument looking up property

Actually I created a Person property named "p" for my form, and this Person class has certain attributes, one of them being, firstName(String).
When I create a form for taking this firstName as input, by using: <html:text property="p.firstName"/> inside <form action="/Calc"/>, it gives the above mentioned exception.
I even tried the nested tag library tag for the same, but it i also having the same problem.

Mercy, please.

13 years ago
It has been a while, since I have been working on Struts 2. I have made very simple applications with it.

But now, our team has to build a COMPLEX real-world project. I was first of the view to use struts 2.
But then, my team mates say that struts1.3 is used in industry and struts 2 has STILL not been adopted enthusiastically by industry.

And besides, owing to my personal experience, I know that online help for struts 1 is better, as more and more people are used to it.

What I am trying to put across is: due to its complex architecture and obscure OGNL struts 2 is hard to adopt, so should my team really go for struts 1?
13 years ago
Hi there, I am using tomcat 6.0.

I did these things:

1. Did "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA" on command prompt and used password "changeit".

2. After that, I was able to see a ".keystore" named file at my "C:/users/Abhishek/" folder.

3. Used this setting at "conf/server.xml":--

<Connector protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol"
port="8443" minSpareThreads="5" maxSpareThreads="75"
enableLookups="true" disableUploadTimeout="true"
acceptCount="100" maxThreads="200"
scheme="https" secure="true" SSLEnabled="true"
keystoreFile="${user.home}/.keystore" keystorePass="changeit"
clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS"/>

4. Now, i started the server, but unbale to get anything, using this url: "https://localhost:8443/"

Can anybody tell me something? I DESPERATELY need to see this "https" working on my server!!!

Though i think the problem might be this:

I used one more setting in server.xml file, it is provided by default:--

<Listener className="org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener" SSLEngine="on" />

I have attached the server.xml file here for you to see.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
No, I haven't tried it for i could see these statements in j2ee complete ref by jim keogh:

import org.w3c.dom.*;
import javax.xml.parsers.*;

I thot these packages didn't belong to i was will try the example...

And yes saw the page...thanks for such great deal of info.

will try the exapmle now...!