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Peldi Guilizzoni

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Recent posts by Peldi Guilizzoni

Thanks for having me here guys, and for all the feedback and questions!
Our BMML format is XML-based and pretty easy to read by humans, so you can diff it with whatever tool you prefer.

Check this out for a solution that enhances collaboration and also stores versions for you automatically:

Otherwise check our plugin versions of Mockups, they support versioning as well.
Yeah, we need to do a better job at including the MockupsToGo stencils into the product (right now you have to go to the Help menu, then copy/paste). We're working on it: has the full story.
Hi Gregg, what's missing? Have you seen these?
Hi Mohkev, not at the moment, no.

You might want to take a look at WireframeSketcher: - I don't know much about them, but I think their "angle" is that they integrate with Eclipse.

Hope this helps!
Re: icon sizes - maybe you can show me a screenshot of what you're trying to achieve...surely 4 sizes should fit most cases? Mockups tries to make the 80% case dead-simple and SUPER-fast. If you like a million options, you're probably not going to be happy with Mockups.
Use -this- for disabled and it will gray out. No support for {color} yet.
For #4, why? I like to keep it simple. If you want any size, you can use an image.

Also, for everyone, we have hundreds of topics already here: and our roadmap is this:
You can use markup for text, look at the default text in a paragraph of text control, or the help:

As for icons in the Tree cotnrol, we only support the ones shown in the default text. For others, for right now you have to overlay icons yourself.
Our community website is at

There are a couple of Blackberry-specific stencils there: - not much unfortunately. Maybe you'll want to contribute more?
Hello Alexey, sorry you've had performance problems. We constantly work to improve performance, and we just made some big improvements in scrolling in 1.8.7. Assuming you're using the latest version, I fear that what you're seeing is close to what Adobe Air for linux lets us do.

A few tips:
- switch to Use System Fonts
- don't use vertical labels

I hope these help!
We don't generate code, but there are some 3rd party tools that do. Check out

I launched Mockups on July 19th 2008.

We have over 24,000 customers at the moment, with about 300 new ones each week. Things are going well! ;)