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Jingxian Zhou

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since Jun 22, 2010
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Recent posts by Jingxian Zhou

Rajeev Rnair wrote:congrats !!
How long it took you to prepare for SCBCD? Which books you used mainly ? Have you used any mock exams?

I prepared about a month.If you have relevant experience in EJB 3,a month is enough.

I used <Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0> and <EJB in Action>.

12 years ago

Sorry that I am asking but why?

Everyone has their own ideas.If one has relevant work experience in Java,I think there is not need to pass the SCJD.

What's your opinion?
12 years ago

Rafal Wasielewski wrote:I think i will try SCJD or SCDJWS.

Maybe some Oracle database certifications.

Thanks a lot!

SCJD,i will not to prepare.
SCDJWS ,i think it will be a good choice
12 years ago
thanks Rafal !

Rafal Wasielewski wrote:... What next?

I don't know.Can you give me some advice?

12 years ago
Yesterday,I passed SCBCD 5(310-091) with 98%(60/61).

I just want thank you guys at codeRanch and especially Mikalai Zaikin. His guide helped me a lot.
12 years ago

Remko Strating wrote:What is in a name? I would just follow my own path?

Just do it at September 10th and then you have an oracle certificate. If you hate that you could do it earlier, but what with names of the certificates next.

The name changing is just like I had expected.

Thanks Remko Strating!

I got this path:
Today I received a mail,that said :Oracle has changed the naming for all sun certifications,to fit existing oracle certification names,effective September 1st.

Should I take exam bofore September 1st?
In the old plan,my exam is in Septerber 10th.

Can you give me some advices?

Christophe Verré wrote:All details are at Oracle homepage.

Thanks Christophe Verré!

Hi friends,

How many questions when I take the exam?


How many do I have to answer correctly( to pass the exam)?

er...Can you tell me the total quesions , you have done it in exam?
12 years ago

sreedhar Lackka wrote:Hi All,

I visisted the links which are provided above but seems there is no unique book for SCWCD.

Could any one please suggest me a unique where I can get maximum question/answers which will be asked in the SCWCD exam. Like the way we refer K&S for SCJP exam.

Thanks in advance.


No quesions are the same as the test.

I still recomand this book:
Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam

arjun srivastava wrote:hi congrats!!

in generics ,navigable sets and maps have been newly added only in scjp 6 which are not in scjp 5.

did you see many questions from these navigable sets and maps sections??

also please tell us that as there are 10 chapters in kathy siera ,are all chapters worth equal weight-age in exam ?

where did you get the good ,valid and latest mock test questions any link ?

thanks sir!!

navigable sets and maps ,I met two quesion.If you are familiar with java 6 api,it'll be ok!

12 years ago

Soumya Ranjan Mohanty wrote:Congratulation. I am preparing for the Exam. How was the question Standard? is it as difficult as the questions in K & B book or the Master Exam ? or it was more difficult than that??

It's easier than K & B book.At least,mine question is easier.
12 years ago
You can read <Head First Servlets & JSP> Second Edition.

Christophe Verré wrote:

Jingxian Zhou wrote:Recently i am preparing for SCWCD. Can you please suggest me the approach or referral books .

You can ask SCWCD questions at the SCWCD forum. Go to the ScwcdLinks, you'll find some books you can refer to.

Thanks Christophe !
12 years ago