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rama rajesh

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Recent posts by rama rajesh

Whenever object is destroying, whatever the obj is having (insta varibales(objects),instance methods) will be destroyed. But if we are overwriting the finalize method,what kind of statements other than (system.out.println statements) can we write related to object?

Deallocation of memory for the obj will be handled by the garbage collector. what is the use of overriding the finalizing method. if use is there, give me an example of usage?

--> whenever the obj of type GC1 is destroyed,is the (string and GC2) of GC1 also destroyed?

1. From your application, if you are invoking a service and at that time,if the called webservice is down-->what exception we will get?
2.when you invoke a service and the service executed sometime and suddenly the called service is down--->what exception we wil get?

My req is after inserting each element in vector, it should be displaed.
inserting by one thread and displaying by other thread. both are using the same vector. can someone change the following code according to my requirement.
I don't know where to post this question .

interview questions:

1. Login page performing very slow. how to start debugging. what is the immediate activity of the programmer.

2. memory leakage handling in java. how to debug.
ex: so many httpsessions opened,but not closed. much memory is wasted. what to do then.(take this scenario)

3. while programm is running due to deadlock execution stopped. what is the action to be taken?

My Requirement is updating the emp table, sal column

if sal>=2000 and <3000 add 2000
if sal>=3000 and <4000 add 3000
if sal>=4000 and <5000 add 5000

you can do this in many ways.but what is the feasible solution?
11 years ago
My knowledge on this.

A thread can't enter any of static synch methods of a class, if any other thread is executing the static synchro method of class(Locking on class will be happened)
if a thread entered the nonstatic synchr method of a object, any other thread can't enter the any of the nonstatic synch method of that object(object locking will be happened).

i could not get the locking concept clearly. please somone explain me by taking this prg as example
until synchNonStat1 method completes , thread t1 can't enter into synchNonStat2 method. but in between these two,
1. is there any chance of calling nonsynchNonstat1 method?
2. is there any chance of invoking nonsynchNonstat2 method while executing the nonsynchNonstat1 method

Two applications are fetching the same data from the cache and trying to modify the data.
in this scenario, we will get -->dirty read problems,phantom read problems etc , right?
how hibernate is helping in this scenarios?
Hibernate firstlevel cache, we could not disable. second level only we are disabling.

how hibernate avoiding dirty read problems,phantom read problems etc.

I am interested to learn java.if any guys are interseted i just want to share knowledge with them.
first of we need to decide which softwares (which IDE,DATABASE,etc).
After that we can have a assignment on daily basis.
if anybody in the team could not do an exercise, remaining in the group has to share the exercise with screenshots.
Assingments are like
1.simple java program to read and update the database
2.above exercise by using hibernate
3. develop a UI which user enter values should go to database.validation of inputs in javascript
4. same above exercise by using AJAX.
5.simple jsp and servlet communication example.
6. developping a simple struts application in 1.1
7. developping a simple struts application in 1.2

THIS WILL BE very helpful to me and for the new guys also.
memebers in the team will guide you(from installation of s/w to how to do programs in IDE).

Note: Team not yet formed. if more members joined we can start with the above exercises.

11 years ago

how can we restrict the cliking of the "submit" button several times. i know oneway disabling the "submit" button after first click.
But if anyone knows it programmatically, please let me know(any otherway of restricting the clicking of submit button).
11 years ago
There is a script, on the start of the script it will invoke a java class and after that remaining classes are invoked .
my application contains diffrent classes with main methods.
when i asked my senior, he told me there are different scripts which will initiate different java classes.
same application is used in different scenarios.

thanks a lot for your help.

Hi ,

i am new to IDE tools. but i have knowledge on java programming.
I have to work on a project which is in NETBEANS . project configured and no errors while building the application.

HOW CAN I KNOW starting point of the application??
(in the given project, Few classes contains the main methods). so i can't identify which is the starting point for this application.
how to use bookmarks in rad?i dont know where and how to use the bookmarks.
if somebody give me a example, i want to to utilize the bookmarks.

Trivikram Kamat wrote:

rama rajesh wrote:i heard that answer override hashcode and equals method. but i dont know how to override these methods.
please provide me the code.

In Collections, the items are put into buckets.
The hashCode determines which bucket item goes into.

Set doesn't allow duplicate items.
So, if there is an item already in the bucket and you try to add new item with same hashCode, the new item is discarded.
I'm giving the code below, but understand before using it.

Add the following member functions to the A class

Just read => DontBeACodeMill <= and => LetThemDoTheirOwnHomework <=

The hashCode() returns the unique int value for an item.
Two equal items have same hashCode, so you can say multiply variables x, y, z

Choose the hashCode function efficiently.
If you multiply x, y, z in the function, objects [10 20 30] and [20 10 30] may be counted as equal, which you don't want.

Your implementation of equals() method must satisfy the properties of equivalence relation (Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive, Consistent and Null Comparison)

thansk a lot. now it is working fine. everyone say something what to do. i know what to do , but unable to do. once again thanks a lot.