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Recent posts by Arjun Srivastava

A Very Happy Diwali to all.
10 years ago

Korol Bloom wrote:Wow, it feels so weird to stumble upon this old forum post of mine. Like a time warp. But really cool, how the internet can preserve. And very cool forum, by the way!
Well, actually I am not in India now, but in Nepal (travelling). I did not work in India, but in China. Not in the IT, but in the automotive. So I slightly missed the goal, or say it: the initial dream shifted towards pragmatism, when opportunities arose.
(just to share this outcome with you folks, in case you are interested in time warps, too)
About Bangalore -- well let's see. I may be there in December.

Visa doesn't require while traveling from Nepal to India.
Great. FYI Bangalore is now Bengaluru! Enjoy.
11 years ago
You have a question about SCJP and you are asking in SCJA forum. Strange

Jimmy Clark wrote:
Would you be able to submit a photocopy of a salary slip from a current employer with the financial information blacked out?

If the financial info. is really low.It would be good to blacked out.
Else it will definitely interfere with negotiations.
11 years ago

Jimmy Clark wrote:

Nobody asks for originals. Photocopy is more than enough for cross-check.

Would you be able to submit a photocopy of a salary slip from a current employer with the financial information blacked out?

Yeah Jimmy, it's right to hide the personal numbers like Bank Acc.,SSN,Pan card number.
But i don't think it would do any harm if you provide those details to a concerned authority(HRD of the Employer) not any HeadHunter or Consultant.

If something wrong would have to be happened,it has to be happened,then your current employer is also having those personal financial numbers.
11 years ago
Salary Slips from previous employer is one of the biggest proof. It will also help you to negotiate the money are you are asking for.
These are just indispensable thing for any walk-in or an interview to attend in India at-least.
Other than this as you can also show your latest Appraisal or Increment by your Current Employer.

Jimmy Clark wrote:do not share the original.

Nobody asks for originals. Photocopy is more than enough for cross-check.
11 years ago
Thanks to Gmail for providing free call service to US/Canada free of cost till August,2011.
Don't know what to happened to them now. I really enjoyed that service.
11 years ago
Aah this book is for me.That means i can read your useful book!
Thanks for the reply.

12 years ago
Hi Alan,
Who can learn pig programming? What are its prerequisite?
Are these for advance developers only or any beginner who has some knowledge of J2EE would be able to learn?

12 years ago

Rogerio Kioshi wrote:I think this would make this certification more popular among Java community.

And then what would be the benefit of the Oracle? Where is the Money?
Unless they should make it little bit less expensive rather than free which is possible also.
12 years ago

Tomasz Sochanski wrote:
But you didn't put pure Object instance to the list - there are only String objects, try to add new Object() to your list and you will see ClassCastException at runtime (Object cannot be casted to String). This is real basis - object of parent class cannot be casted to child (how would it be possible? How would you ie. call child method on parent object?).


vipul bondugula wrote:Object class is the parent and String class is the child..

Both Child and Parent are String that's why you are able to do casting there.

vipul bondugula wrote:anyway for your clear clarity of code..I am posting total code....

First of all ease up mate.

vipul bondugula wrote:
both are typecasting from parent to child. but first one gives runtime exception while second one works fine in typecasting..please check typecasting clearly....
Vipul Kumar.

In first case,casting is wrong.You can't cast Parent to a child.(Parent cannot be cast to Child).

vipul bondugula wrote:

In 2nd Code,You know you are adding strings in a list but compiler doesn't know that you adding strings. So to be on the safeside,Casting is required.And it works well here.

vipul bondugula wrote:both are typecasting from parent to child.

Btw , why do you think that in 2nd code" parent to child casting is there"? Please specify what is parent and what is child?

vipul bondugula wrote:
Your answer is not accurate. May be you didnot read the total post. i have mentioned first snippet code will compile but will result to java.lang.ClassCastException.
I want the difference between the code snippets..Once again go through the post...

Do you know what is ClassCastException?
Child is a Parent that means // Child extends Parent.
In line 1, you are not following the rules of OOPS. How can a parent be a child ever?

Your Code 2- Your are using a raw list.(means you are not specifying what type of objects should be stored in this list i.e. you are not using generics).
So on line 2,Casting is required as compiler don't what type of objects you are retrieving from your list.

See Below the Code, casting is not required as we have specified what type of things are there inside in a list.