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Recent posts by Martin Fiskare

Ok, that looks useful at the first glance.. but, when does the actual marshalling happen?
Does is happen implicitly when I instantiate the JAXBSource?

And besides.. the result of the transformation has somehow to be a byte-array.. and i have no clue how I can achieve that.

Me again with another nerve-wrecking issue, since I'm not very experienced witj java and xml

What i need to do is marshal Dummy.class and return the result in form of a byte array. Problem is I can't do that straight like marshalling directly into a ByteOutputStream, because I have to modify the output by performing an XSLT.

In other words, what I want to do is
- Marshal my class structure to whatever result might be necessary
- transform the result
- return the result in form of a byte-array.

That's what I have right now..

Thanks thousandfold in advance for any help
Yes, what i did in the first place was to run a namespace-filter, that removed the namepace attribute from the root element, resulting in every attibute of the sub-elements having a prefix 'ns1'.... and it's not well-formed anymore of course... DARN!
Hi there!

I need to export data using JAXB into XML. A 3rd party application, that needs to import the file can't handle namespace prefixes, no idea why but they keep insisting that there's no workaround possible on their side.

My question is now, is there any way to remove them prefixes from, most important, the root element, and if possible from the attributes of the subelements? See example below

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
That fixed it.
Thanks thousandfold
11 years ago
Greetings in the first place.

I sincerely hope that someone can aid me with a problem that's been drinving me insane.

I have your average J2EE5 enterprise application nicely wrapped up in an EAR-File. When I attempt to deploy it on my JBOSS 5.1.0 GA i receive the following error code in my stacktrace reporting that my ejb-jar.xml cannot be deployed because the <ejb>-tag lacks the declaration of the xmlns-attribute, which is obviously there, as you can seen from the code I provide here.

So.. thank you all in advance. Please enlighten me.

Here is my ejb-jar.xml

and that's what I receive from jboss

11 years ago