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Recent posts by Gajanan Gawhale

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:You could use a distributed caching library. Or treat the static variable as a read only cache so you don't have to worry about updates.

Thanks for your quick reply. I need to update the cache as well so cannot make it read only. Is 'distributed caching library' available by default in WebSphere Server?
8 years ago

I have defined a Map as a static variable and using it is as a cache. But when this map is getting updated the updated value is seen only in the JVM where it is updated.
What needs to be done to update the map value available on all the JVMs present on multiple nodes on multiple cells?

Thank you,
8 years ago
Hi All,

I am using Application Server Toolkit IDE and server is Web Sphere Application Server 6.1. I want to build a new web service

so that third party clients can call it.
I following following steps:
1. I wrote a xsd file under a web project in /WEB-INF/wsdl folder and generated a wsdl using the IDE.
2. I made some necessary changes in wsdl file.
3. Now I want to generate the web service code and want to deploy it on WAS server using Apache Axis.
4. I first set the Server as Web sphere v6.1 Server and Web Service runtime as Apache Axis in preference->Web Service->Server and Runtime.
5. I started the app server.
6. I selected the wsdl file and using wizard to create web service. Selected the web service type as Top down java bean web service.
- selected the wsdl file in service definition.
- Selected the web service bar upto Start Service level.
- Selected the publish the service check box.
- Click on finish button.
7. The service code got generated but while deploying the service to app server i received a error message window with

followin error -

IWAB0489E Error when deploying Web service to Axis runtime
axis-admin failed with {}Server.userException No trusted certificate found

I am not able understand why is this error. Why certificate is needed to deploy the service? And what do i need to do to solve this problem?

I am very scared of certificate issues because i don't understand them at all and this is the first time i am writing a web service so please help me with this.

Thanks a lot
9 years ago