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Recent posts by Huzefa Zohaib

Can Entity Class be mixed with Control Class ?

I have a ClassA which is changing the flow of control/event, Hence I identified it as Control Class, but, it this ClassA is identified as Entity Class also because information about it has to be maintained.

For Example:

In my scenario, "Sale Person do negotiation on price with customer, and if negotiation is successful item will be sold to customer and Sale Person will take its commission and if negotiation fails order will be canceled"

Now according to my understanding "Sale Person" is a Control Class and also a Entity Class.

Please correct my concept.

Thank You.
By observing the class hierarchy in API, you can get the information that class is of what type !!!

However NumberFormatException in not subclass of FileNotFoundException !!!

[ March 12, 2008: Message edited by: Huzefa Zohaib ]
16 years ago
I signed my MIDlet App using the following steps !

I am just copying the commands,
keytool -genkey -alias Huzefa -keyalg RSA -validity 365 -keystore silentmmobile.sks

keytool -export -alias Huzefa -keystore silentmmobile.sks -file silentmmobile.crt

jarsigner -keystore silentmmobile.sks -storepass netpace SilentMMobile.jar Huzefa

java -jar D:\tools\wkt23\bin\JadTool.jar -addcert -alias Huzefa -storepass netpace -keystore silentmmobile.sks -inputjad SilentMMobile.jad -outputjad SilentMMobile.jad

java -jar D:\tools\wkt23\bin\JadTool.jar -addjarsig -alias Huzefa -jarfile D:\Huzefa\J2MEPractise\SilentMMobile\dist\SilentMMobile.jar -keystore silentmmobile.sks -storepass netpace -keypass netpace -inputjad SilentMMobile.jad -outputjad SilentMMobile.jad

After performing all the above process, I copied the SilentMMobile.jar, SilentMMobile.jad, and silentmmobile.crt in the Mobile Sony Ericcson P990i and also on N95.

Then add the cretificate by clicking on the silentmmobile.crt
Then click on the SilentMMobile.jar

Installation started and at the end of the installation,
Error Appeared: That is,
Security Information
Component failed security check
Cannot install.

Authentication Failed.

Please any one can tell me the reason
I will be thank full....

16 years ago
I run the program and it ran fine,

What the error are you facing, analyze the stack or post it.
16 years ago

I have created table using runManager.bat via
"create cached table"
and tables are created successfully.

Now when I try to access the database via JDBC using the following code
String url = "jdbc:hsqldb:mydb/mydb";
con= DriverManager.getConnection(url, usrName, pas);
System.out.println ("Connection is created successfully");

and try to insert the data it throwing an exception
java.sql.SQLException: Table not found in statement [SELECT * FROM Users]

After then i tried to recreate the using JDBC, even in that case tables being created successfully, but the error is there.
How to display a image in a JFrame
Please give me a simple code as an example.
Thank You
20 years ago
What is the meaning of this exception and why is it occurring
"org.apache.jasper.compiler.ParseException: C:\Back\tomcat3\webapps\ROOT\jsp\huzefa\Mb\MessageArchieve.jsp(2,16) Attribute import has no value"
20 years ago
ClassCastException is occuring during execution of the following code.
Please solve this RunTimeError.

I am writing the object to the text file using the following code.
20 years ago
" java.sql.SQLException: General error " is occuring on the following code.
Please explain why and does it mean.
I am using Microsoft Access 97
I am creating the table using the following method.

Exception is occuring in the following code.
There is a text contaning the following data named "abc.txt".
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z
Now I want to change the "n" to "N" in the text file abc.text
I find the position of "n" using the following code.
try {
FileReader readIt = new FileReader("C://abc.txt");
BufferedReader collectData = null;
collectData = new BufferedReader (readIt);
String line= null;
while ((line= collectData.readLine ()) != null) {
if (line.indexOf ('n') > 0) {
Over Here I want to write the code which can change
the letter "n" to letter "N"
} // if
} // while
}catch (Exception ee) {System.out.println (ee);}
20 years ago
" java.sql.SQLException: General error " is occuring on the following code.
Please explain why and does it mean.

Please give me the code
which can call the image from the hard disk and transform the size and write it to the hard disk.
20 years ago
The following Exception
java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error
is occuring on the following code.
What does this error means and why is occuring.
the following code is not giving the list of names in the form.
I am fad up by finding the problem
Please Click On the following link to have look on problem
I was trying copy the code in field but it was giving the error so I uploaded on web.
the following java script should give the list of names in the form but is not doing so

the page is on Testing java script