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Thank you Cathy. Thank you very much.
Scary though, some people involved with Sun educational services may be spreading erroneous info regarding those exams.
Any word from Sun Microsystems? -- regarding the SCWCD as an accredited exam for level 2 exam 2 of JCert solutions developer.
Yes, I concur with Ashik -- if any of you bartenders/sherrifs -- can clarify this matter I would greatly appreciate it.
Hello Fei Ng
I was given the impression by the guy i talked to at Sun that you can attain the JCERT solutions developer by taking 2 exams: 1) the OOAD and UML exam (i.e. 486 by IBM) which is mandatory
2) any choice from a vendor: i.e. SCWCD, VisualAge, Websphere, etc.
So, in response to your question -- SCWCD can be counted as exam 2 for level 2 of JCERT. -- at least that was the impression given to me by this guy from SUN.
Do you think the guy from Sun is correct? Do you know anyone from Sun who can verify this? Anyway, thanks for your response.
Hello James
I went to the site but it says in section 2B -- "Candidates choice from any vendor at this level".
I am wondering if SCWCD is among the list of choices.
(I called someone at SUN and he said you can consider SCWCD for JCERT -- but i don't know if this is Sun's official stand) -- would anyone know Sun's official stand?
Dear Friends.
Would anyone know if the scwcd exam can be credited for the 2nd exam of JCert level 2?
i.e. I plan to take the UML exam and the SCWCD -- will that result in a certified solution developer?
Thank you.