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Recent posts by archit thakur

I am using maven to build my project. I wanted to create assembly jar including some of the dependencies, so I wrote my custom assembly descriptor.


The problem is, It is creating jar having classes at directory structure like "Exporter-atlas2.1/<package name>/<class name>". For example, "Exporter-atlas2.1/ch/qos/logback/classic/util/EnvUtil.class". Thats why, it throws, ClassNotFoundException at the runtime. I was expecting classes to be present at "/<package name>/<class name>/",For eg. "ch/qos/logback/classic/util/EnvUtil.class".
11 years ago

I am trying to use slf4j and logback libraries for logging in my project. I want to do the configuration through code rather than through xml.

and afetrwards, I am catching localLoger in . and then using it for logging via . Idea about where I have got wrong it is not making the new file logFile.log, and printing log messages on screen.
11 years ago
I have build the TriggerBuilder object with cron expression and I am scheduling it for every 10 min. If I do a trigger.getStartTime() in a different thread/job set by trigger, will it give me the very start time or the time for which the particular job is scheduled at?

11 years ago
Was little curious to know, that can we build some plugins for netbeans and then sell them? Since netbeans is an open source, if we are supposed to do that?
Hi Guys, Could anybody here suggest me a book for multithreading in java? I am quite good at java, but I need to study multihtreading from Ground Up.
12 years ago

As per my understanding, the difference between Synchronized method and Synchronized block is that in synchronized method...compiler doesn't allow any other thread to go in the method for a particular object...if some other thread is inside the same method for the same object but that object could be any object and in synchronized block..we specify that object for which the method call has to be synchronized

but if I try to run the following code,


which was expected also

but for the following code:


why the method is synchronized when the argument specified in the synchronized block is different from what is used in calling the method.
12 years ago
thanks ulf and bill .
12 years ago
yes my requirements are just like lucene .. but i want to build it(may be the little version of it) .. and as far as there is a question using lucene only, i am building it to get the knowledge of the subject .
12 years ago
hi all,
i am trying to build the desktop search engine in java like lucene, where should i start from?
12 years ago

William Brogden wrote:Of course there is a way - you end up reinventing the wheel but you will learn a lot.

You will need to invent:

1. method for identifying files and relating the identity to:
2. parsing words or phrases or whatever you want to index on and:
3. creating a dictionary of words with links to the files they were found in.
(its called an inverted index)
4. creating a lookup mechanism to get from user input to the words in the index and eventually to the files.

Since my first try at this in 1979 (ah CPM, the good old days), I have found multiple solutions to the above - it is very educational.


Thank you sir,
could you also please tell me the good reference material for it(book or some published papers).
13 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

I dont want to use lucene.

Why not?

this is my final year project, i want to develop something by my own.using lucene is just like developing only the gui.
13 years ago
I am working on the project of Desktop Search application that searches the contents of files and folders.
I am facing the problem of indexing folders and files for effective search. I dont want to use there some another way of doing that.
Thank you
13 years ago
thanks again
i'll let you know if problem still remains
13 years ago
@campbell and joanne
thanks for your help.
but as a part of our curriculum its (kind of) mandatory for us to use netbeans.
please solve the query for netbeans as well.
13 years ago
import org.apache.commons.cli.*;

i giving me the error that package does not exist
i have downloaded the package but how should i add it to the build path of the project in net beans.
and what if was not using netbeans
13 years ago