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Recent posts by Hussain

ohhh men u will see pakistan winnning by 3-2
21 years ago
i like ravish kumarr ; excellent
plz tell me something about pakistan team and ur world cup rantings....
21 years ago
Well very sorry to see india going down with their blowing attack ;;;
You see Bangladeh ristricting windies for 267 and 276 ... in the same sub continent coonditions ;;;where as of indian blowers they could not restrict windies batting line even on 300 ....which is not as explosive in the world of cricket ....
now my ratings are ....
1. south africa
2. pakistan
3. srilanka
4. austrila
5. new zealand
6. india
21 years ago
ohh ahhhh ;;;
someone said pakistan cricket is in disaster ; tell u one thing they are never down ; always up ;; u see crusing zimbabwe ; alright they are a understrenth team ; but winning 2 test and 5 one dayers is never a joke ;and they beat austrila in austrila (the under-roof series ); they have the talent ;i know that they are experiementing too much but it think they will be settled in south africa this series ; and u have to know the facts that pakistan have square the series when they were last playing in south africa in 97/98 ;; with shoaib , wasim and waqar on top and now abdul razzaq is now the best all rounders ;;
well talking about india ;they seamed to be doing good forget the westindies tour their was nothing in it for the worldcup ; u see all batsmen scoring even ajit agkarker making 95 ...
i think india have a chance if they bowl well which i suspect they wont ; bcoz u see they beat england the damp england blowers ;; they score runs againts windies no need to say anything about windies blowing line up and when u see the last tour india do of South africa they were crushed ;
i think in this world cup everybudy has a chance even windies.....
my pakistan selection of 15 is
1. saeed anwer
2. Salim elahiiii
3. Younis Khan
4. inzimam
5. Abudur Rarraq
6. Shaid Afridi
7. azhar Mahmmmoddd
8. Rashid Latif
9. Moin khan
10. Waqar yonis
11. Wasim AKram
12. Shoib akhtar
13. Saqlain Mustaq
14. Faisal Iqbal / Misbaulhaq
15. Yousuf Youhanan
i think in 14 number slot they need to decide that they want to take an extra fast blower (which would be Sammi )or Batsmen (which should be faisal aur misbah)...
Srilanka beat South africa with the bogus blowing attack .. pakistan has the best attack ....
[ December 02, 2002: Message edited by: Hussain ]
21 years ago
England - sad story
my revised list is
1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Austrila
4. South - Africa
5. srilanka
6. New zealand
7. Windies
8. Zimbabwe
9. Bangladesh
10. england
and my super six line up is
* Austrlia
* Pakistan
* India
* South - Africa
* Srilanka
* New Zealand
and semi final is
* Austrlia
* Pakistan
* India
* South - Africa
and one team for final is confirm
South - Africa
the other one could be
India or Pakistan .........
21 years ago
Hello ;
someone deleted my post anyways ; hope this one stays in till 8 feb 2003

any budy like cricket plz comment on 2003 cricket worldcup to be held in south africa next year ; team chances anything u like ....
my team ranking's r ;;
6. SRilanka
8. Bangladesh
21 years ago
good score ; well done ;
nice ;
plz post ur experience because i have my paper on 30th this month .....

allah hafiz
What's the problem yarr ; U don't like paki or muslims at ur side ; are u jelless with us ; U just search my posts and point what i have said twice ; don't u say this to anybudy ;

allah hafiz ;
21 years ago
salam ,
this is explicitly for Badar as i want to know ; wheir badar lies in the world and what people think of BADAR . and its a meaning less drivel , don't u need to say anuthing
allah hafiz
21 years ago
Salam ,
Well i want to know that how do u see operation Badar from Different Countries ; Those who May not Know what Badar is ; its a Organization for Batling pakistan in the cyber space ; they have their software house too ; which is doing excellent in Pakistan ; they primarly work on JAVA , SERVELTS , JSP , J2EE , .NET(not yet started). They have certified people and i m one of them ; well to be fully informed .
Badar's Web page
Waiting for Ur Replies ;
21 years ago
Salam all ,
Just Going through , I thinked that i should tell u some thing intresting such as :
Pakistan know Have 11 years boy named Akber break the record of Afsah .
WE don't have SCJP , We have Youngest SCWCD , J2EE , UML and XML certified
don't worry .I m also not a youngest but on a list of top 10 . i M 16 .
Check this out
Allah hafiz
21 years ago
Salam and Hello ,
I like ur Very Handsome effort ,
Add :
* IBM is not only concerned with XML and Its Related Technologies but With HTML as well

* Don't Take Schema Lightly and See everything in Context with Schema (I mean Interconnections like XSLT and Schema , DTD and Schema etc )
* As me and My Friend Got Falied , I must say one thing try to get pass in a single attempt ,we only prepare for a weak(just 25 hours)and got 51% and 49% repectively .IF we Work for another Weak we can easily got Passed as I THink u don't need to be a guru in XML .
* Before Starting XML Do some Programming such as
(Java or C).It will help greatly to pass .
* and Lastly if some one got Failed and reading
this post .Plz try it again .See my example i
got Volanterly Falied as i needed some of the
Feedback . I Get Back on track if u failed don't
Panic come With some thing new as me and my
friend have decided to get 11111% in XML no
Allah hafiz ,
Salam and Namesty ,
Yes U (reading This Post), I love U , Yes I do
allah hafiz and Bye
21 years ago
Salam and Namesty,
Well Do u(yes U ,reading this Post) Hate Me , Why don't Anybudy answer My posts ,is their something serious tell me ? . I will Throw it away .
Allah hafiz
21 years ago
Yes i will be giving in 14 days from now on .inshallah and i will get 1111% Know dought .
allah hafiz ,
[ May 23, 2002: Message edited by: Muhammad Hussain ]