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ReactJS is UI library, popularly termed as 'V' in MV* frameworks so can be used to render GUI on web apps. It is relatively new compared to other Javascript frameworks but widely adopted by Facebook internally (as well as Instagram, Netflix etc).
There is an entire ecosystem around React e.g. Flux (for persistence) etc.
It gives you a lot of freedom to choose your own M and C from traditional MVC pattern.
Trust that answers your both questions.
Hi Stoyan,
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.
I checked the table of contents on Amazon and it talks about Flux. As I use Redux, how easy or difficult it is to map the code samples in book to Redux from vanilla Flux ?
Hi Mike
Is the book focus intended for developer with web background new to node.js or some node.js knowledge is required.
Like I read somewhere when it comes to node.js, some people just "get it" the first time, others are trying to map it to something which they already know.
The reason to ask that question is I belong to second category as of now.
Having used Ruby on Rails and Spring Roo both, I think view customization in Rails is relatively straight forward compared to that in Roo, at least for a person who might be looking at both frameworks for the first time.
I am interested to hear though other thoughts on it as well
10 years ago
Bharti signs IT outsourcing deal with IBM

Bharti Tele has signed an IT outsourcing deal with IBM India. The 10-year long deal is estimated to be in the range of $700-750 million.


Bharti Tele-Ventures has awarded an information technology management order to the Indian unit of IBM. The total deal for a 10-year period is likely to be in the range of $700-750 million, while for the first five years it is estimated to be in the range of $250-$275 million, reports Reuters.
The deal involves outsourcing of Bharti Tele's hardware, software, and IT service requirements to IBM. The agreement specifies that payments made to IBM India will be linked to the percentage of revenue generation by Bharti Tele and pre-defined service level agreements. The percentage-linked revenue payment is modelled to decrease with Bharti Tele's increase in revenue.
The deal includes all customer-facing IT applications like billing, customer relationship management, and data warehosuing. In addition, internet, e-mail and online collaborations are also included in it. On the infrastructure front, IBM will consolidate Bharti Tele's data centre, IT helpdesk, and enhance its disaster recovery centre capabilities
18 years ago
Thanks for your inputs.
CFA stands for "Chartered Financial Analyst". I am located in Tokyo.
18 years ago
Having worked in financial industry for quite some time now, I am getting interested acquiring more knowledge of the way it works. I want to stick to IT, as I already have a a bachelors degree and reasonable exp. (and I simply love it), I am toying with the idea of getting a CFA to help me add more value to what I am doing. Is this a good/bad/ugly(spending time on non-IT degree) move ?
Pls. advise.
18 years ago
There are many ways to do this in Unix. Simplest way I can think of is
grep -v 'you pattern' yourFile.dat > yourNewFileWithLinesWOThePattern.dat
18 years ago
Thanks to both of you Frank & Stan (in alphabetical order)