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Recent posts by subhash kumar

It basically design question, 1. what you want to store depends on your usage.
For example if I want to store the client time in DB and later want to show same time to client then I can store the same timestamp as string .
If you want to perform some functionality on client time in server side , client time and UTC time also can be stored.
I will recommend to store client time(time at which user pressed button) and server side convert it to UTC time and store both.
client time stored can be used for particular transaction and UTC time used for processing two different timezones.
4 months ago
Dear Himanshu,

Please first clarify what concrete task is assigned to you.

Requirement :
Develop a rest service to fetch all cities of country which may look like

Design a service :

Spring Rest services architecture can be used to achieve this.
It all depends you current project's architecture guideline to develop this.

Testing :
any rest client like post man.

3 years ago
Static binding in Java occurs during Compile time while Dynamic binding occurs during Runtime.

When you are compiling your code, compiler is statisfied by comparing the method calls with the
method definition ,this is static binding.

When your are running this code JVM will decide which method is called based upon the number
and datatype of parameters to arguments, this is dynamic binding.

method overloading is not used from the prospective of memory improvement, it fits in different usage
like sum can be operated on two integers also and two floats also So more towards funtionality.
9 years ago
Yes you can but at those places only where private member variable is accessible.
10 years ago
I am not aware what Neevia is.
But as java gives canRead() method in File class
there might be some provision to check if the file is readable or not
if it is passing this test, you can continue with the uploading.
11 years ago

1234 HEDEPT 12-3-2009 12-03-2009 yesno yes A 12 y12
1234 HEDEPT 12-3-2009 12-03-2009 yesno yes A 12 y12

here i thing space can be use as delimiter.

11 years ago
Error Trace showing :

Your JVM(java tool) is unable to find the Hello.class

One way as jesper told to set the classpath and run your program from command prompt.
Second is your Crimosn editor also having some setting which will allow you to set the classpath for the jvm
most probable it will be in your Tools>>java .

main problem is jvm is looking for classes at the current directory(default behavior or jvm).
current directory means where you jvm is running.
and it is not finding you Hello.class file.
11 years ago
What exactly your requirement is ?
come up with some starting tell specific what is the need.
11 years ago
your method is the behavior of class means it will perform something, Now how to see this behavior
1. By doing the calculation/operations/processing and returning the values.
2. By doing the calculation/operations/processing and returning nothing as void return type.
3. By passing the reference types as the parameter and processing it in the method and see the changed object where you called
this method.
it all depends the situations and what thins are available with you.
for example if you are using/making any utility method like "valueOf" then you need to return values from method.
if you are writing method for your own class needed in you module then you can go for 2nd or 3rd option.
11 years ago
If you want to count the number of objects(boxes) created of Box class then static variable will be needed.
If color property of Box class needed then we can make color as non static as it will be in every object of Box class.
11 years ago
Yes it is very important to decide which cell have what format.
you have to make template for your excel sheet, that will i think be landmark for many things.
11 years ago
whenever beans are used to carry data as they are meant for,
it must have no arguments constructor or default constructor, because that is the way to create a blank bean(not carrying any data)
other advantage is , if any application or tool or framework using your bean it will be expacting bean with the no argument constructor or default constructor.
11 years ago
Hari : sorry I got in between you was talking to madhuri in this thread
good work by you
11 years ago

hi subhash kumar,
i tried with hari's code...i m getting output as $..nothing im is my code which hari has suggested me...

madhuri you are not concentrating on the thread some body pointed out the hari's code lacks ! sign in the for loop
try last i have pasted

correct is

11 years ago