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Recent posts by Hebert Coelho

This posts talk about the problem and give 4 solutions: http://uaihebert.com/?p=1383
The one that you want it. O.o
HeadFirst EJB is about EJB 2.1

Entreprise JavaBeans 3.1 is a good book. Take a look at the amazon customers talking about this book.

I can talk about the Entreprise JavaBeans 3.0, it is a wonderfull book. I love it and I know a lot of people that like it. [=
I will do other question....

There is a way to debug with jboss-as maven plugin?

11 years ago
Just found it in my last test of the night.

jboss-as:run without the parameters bellow in the pom:
11 years ago
Hello, I was working with Tomcat and the T7 plugin.

If I ran the command t7:run it will start the tomcat (download it if needed) and deploy the application.

Is anything like for JBoss as 7?

I tested a few but could find none.

The https://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/7/plugins/maven/latest/ need that I start the jboss before the mvn command. =/

11 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:I'd forgotten there even was such a thing!

The URL you referenced seems to have a good explanation. If you are coding EL and you need the EL to reference a "throwaway" bean that exists only for the duration that that particular EL expression is being evaluated, NoneScoped would be suitable. Not that I've ever needed to do that, but it would allow you to offload complex computations and other data manipulations into Java code instead of doing them in EL - which is both potentially an MVC violation and definitely a to debug,

From that usage, I think I could consider them as a UI equivalent to Session EJBs, only something between stateless and stateful; stateful EJBs would retain scope between uses, whereas the NoneScoped beans would simply be discarded.

I do think as you, but do you think that would be a good usage to a converter as NoneScoped? Instead the RequestScoped?
11 years ago
Try #{userBean.user}
11 years ago
About a good utilization the @NoneScoped, I have seen some developers saying that it is good to put the converter as a ManagedBean, to be able to do Injections.

Is NoneScoped a good scope to use in the Converters to allow the injection?

I saw in this post (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3086896/what-is-none-scope-bean-and-when-to-use-it) that this scope would be good when used to read faces-config parameters.
11 years ago
it should be
LEFT JOIN device.abc

This post show how to work with JPQL/HQL: http://uaihebert.com/?p=1274

Nice score. [=
11 years ago

i would like to insert into table using HQL query.I searched lot of net...but allinsert query are reference to another tavles
i would like to kno wwhat is hql query for

your help really appreciated

I do not think this is possible.
You should use NativeQuery instead. This post shows how to use NativeQueries: http://uaihebert.com/?p=1274
Hello Joe, this post show where you can find a test center: http://uaihebert.com/?p=1541

Jeena Jeen wrote: Soon I am going to start work on a new project for which some part is in Hibernate. So do you think if I only read about JPA then it should sufficient?


There is a diference in using JPA and Hibernate (as implementation only) or using Hibernate only.

With the first you would do all action through the EntityManager, the second you would use the Hibernate Session.

The first advantage is that you will reduce the coupling between your application an the Hibernate ( in cause you want to change the implementation this would be easier ).

Hibernate has a lot of annotations that is not found in the JPA, but to me they are not necessary.

If you want to learn about the Hibernate itself I have no book indications so far, the Pro JPA 2 book talks about JPA with any implementation (like Hibernate, Eclipselink, Batoo).