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Recent posts by michael stoker

I modified your code for the verticalXYbar zoom and its working great!
Just working now on the annotations part. That's all i need to finish my graphs.
Do you think if i use something like request.setAttribute on my java code and call it on the jsp file will work?
I wanted to know, is it possible to get the zoom function for the verticalXYbar charts? Because i just followed your example on your website and tried to applicate it to my code but it gave me this error:

"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException raised by post processor 'de.laures.cewolf.cpp.ZoomBothAxis@156e1ed'. Post processing of this post processor has been ignored."

I solved the size problem thanks.

I am working now on the labels part on XY plots but it seems very hard as the labels i need to add on the bars are from a HashMap and they are dynamic as you can see on the code below whereas your example is static. So according to you, how can i get the variable i need from my java code to be called on the annotation part of the jsp?

Thank you for all the help.
ah ok thank you i am going to check it that.

and about the bars size on my chart, is there anything i can do to fix it?
Thank you but this is not what i meant. I have already done this to add the couples (x,y) to build my chart that i showed you (see above). But my question was how to add series names (which are not x or y) like in the verticalBar so that i can add those series as labels in the top of my bars a bite like you have done here:

This code is for the vertical Bar where you have categories and series. Is it possible to have those series as well with the verticalXYBar (knowing you don't have any categories with this type)?

PS: sorry to insist but have you got an idea why i get very thin bars on the chart above please?
Also about the labels, i have seen that you used in your example series with a start value and an end value. But how do you add series to a verticalXYbar please?
I am sorry i just realized that when i added the new jar, i have forgotten to delete the old jar. So i deleted it, and it worked fine now. I have normal values on the x-axis but the bars are still very thin like with the histogram type. Is there any reason you see why this is happening? Is it a problem in the method public String getProducerId() ? What should i return here now ?

Thank you for fixing the bug but i have just tried your new version and it still gives me some date values. See the attached file please.
So i have used the verticalXYbar type but it gave me on the x-axis some times values which is not corresponding to my values. So i used the histogram type which worked perfectly apart that the bar are really thin and i am not sure why. See the attached file please. Can you tell me how to fix it please?
There is my java code:

And my jsp file:

I mean for example 85000 is before 45000 on the x-axis and i wanted to do something like on the file attached, that is to say . like on the y-axis where the values start from 0 to a certain value. I am not sure if you understand what i mean.

I have seen your example of the StackedVerticalBar but the values are multiple and inside the bars. I just wanted to put one label and at the top of the bar. Is there an example of how to do that?
Ok i understand.

Well i fixed the display problem (but without passing the HashMap as parameters, i couldn't do it, it's a bite complicated in my case). I have my histogram but i have one problem. The x-axis is not in the ascending order. Which type of graph do i need to use to have an histogram ordered on the y-axis and the x-axis (as i have integers on the x-axis)?
I used the VerticalBar3D type but i don't think its the appropriate one and the histogram type doesn't work on my case.

You will see an example of what i am getting in the attached file.

Also how do you use the showItemsValue in the chart? In my case, i want to display a "String" (java variable) which is unic and specifc to each bar. I tried to use the series options but this is not good as it gives a not nice output (see the attached file). So this is the series names which appear on the legend on the previous file that i want to display on each bar.

Thank you for any help you can give.


you mean something like this

But then, if you do that, you wont really have control on your charts, right? I mean you won't be able to "print" them wherever you want on the jsp file as the produceDataset is called only once, which means all the charts will be printed all at once?

Is there any example passing maps as parameters so i can see the result please?
Thank you for the information. I've just seen the example you gave me. But i can't really see how you can pass a map as parameter and how would you call it in the jsp file.
I know with displaytag, i used to pass my maps as parameters like this:

On the java code:

On the jsp file:

geneV being the ArrayList that contains all the informations i want for example.

Is it the same with Cewolf?

All the graphs will be bar charts with the same x-axis et y-axis and the name of the gene on each bar but all the values are taken from a different HashMap, that's the only difference. I have 20 HashMap with the same kind of information (gene, locus, number) but different values according to the HashMap.
According to that information, do you think i will have to create 20 classes?
Otherwise, is there any example of how to use this params parameter?

Thank you.
when i say loop, i mean this : for (String string : map.keySet()) {.......}

well i found the real problem and why this loop is not working. It's because the method public Object produceDataset(Map params) can't access to the maps i created before in the same class but in another method.

Like i said in my 1st post, my class is very complex. I have different methods:

It allows to add strings to a HashMap

It will allow me to go through the HashMap i took as parameter, and do some calculs inside and then create the tables corresponding to each tables (20 tables)

it parses a text file and add the elements i want in different HashMap that i named before. I call the 2 methods above.

This structure works fine for the tables.
But the method in cewolf can't access the tables i created in the last method.

Do you think i can for example do something like this:

and then call this method where i created the maps for example, a bite like we usually do with displaytag? Otherwise, that means i would have to create 20 classes for all my graphs?